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Best weed strains in BC

Organic Platinum Bubba Kush

What are the best weed strains in BC?

Here at Canada Wide Weed we are dedicated to sourcing some of the finest flowers you will ever see in Canada.  We carry a spectrum of cannabis buds including many rare sativa, indica, hybrid and CBD selections.  We primarily specialize in finding organic cannabis that is grown in living soil.   Whether its from Vancouver Island, the Sunshine Coast or the Kootany region of BC, we are always on the hunt for the finest BC Bud.  Let’s take a look at what are the best weed strains in BC.

Best Sativa’s in BC.

Sativa’s are popular for those who don’t want to be glued to the couch all day.  This is the selection for all you active people in Squamish and Whistler.  They are also the choice for all the creative types that hang out in Vancouver.  Some of our favourite sativa’s for 2020 have been as follows:


Best Indica’s in BC

Indica strains are a gift for those who need to chill out.  With how crazy 2020 has been I think we could all relax a little bit.  They are also great for those of us that are restless at night.  Again with everything going on out there we probably have all lost a little sleep here and there.   We love our indica’s here at CWW and are always looking for the absolute strongest and sticky buds in BC.  These varieties are known for having the most THC content of any cannabis strains out there.  These strains are associated with the “stoned” feeling and slow “stoner” image.  It is the sedative and relaxing properties that cause this effect.  These are also the strains that make your eyes droop and turn red. We love to use these strains as a night cap after a long day of typing on the computer.  Sometimes we need to melt our brains after coming up with all this information.  Without further adieu, here is a list of the best indica’s we’ve seen in 2020:

Best Hybrid Strains in BC

Hybrid cannabis strains are a  blend of the two dominant varieties of Sativa and Indica. These strains are the result of cannabis breeding.  Like most living beings on planet earth, Cannabis also has parents.  When you sex the plants the the new strains will display characteristics of each parent.   Really at this point almost all the strains that are consumed on the market are some form of Hybrid.  We tend to classify hybrids as those strains exhibiting a 50 – 75% of there genetic profile as Sativa or Indica.   Here is a list of the best strains we’ve found in 2020:

Best High CBD Strain in BC

High CBD strains are rare to find here in Canada.  Although plentiful in the states due to the legalization of hemp flower in the states, they hardly are grown here in Canada.  This is a shame but we have been able to find a few of them here in 2020.  Here is a list of the best CBD strains: