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Cookies OG – AAA

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Cookie OG is a hybrid strain is a 50/50 hybrid strain.  It is the result of OG Kush being crossed with Girl Scout Cookies.  The strain has a moderate THC level that produces a strong, but not too powerful body buzz. This medicinal marijuana strain has cerebral effects on your system that creates a long lasting cerebral high. Its body buzz begins from your head and gradually takes over your entire system. In addition to that, it makes you highly euphoric as well. The strain has a mild yield that produces big, green leaves with light yellowish hue. Cookie OG has a lovely aroma that is rich with an earthy and lemon scent. It does feel strange at times because it has a skunk-y aroma as well. The taste of this strain is quite strong and rich. It is a blend of amazing minty, earthy and lemon flavours that make this cannabis pleasant to smoke. Due to its powerful cerebral high, this strain is best for treating anxiety and depression of various types. It also has a soothing effect on different mild and chronic pains, including headaches, backaches and joint pains. It does have a few side-effects, including dry eyes and dry mouth.  Cookies OG strain is one we are very excited to get our hands on, check out info below:


  • Berry, Grape flavour
  • Sweet smelling


  • Euphoria
  • Happy
  • Relaxing
  • Uplifting

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GRAM (1g) – $10, 2 GRAMS (2g) – $20, 1/8 OUNCE (3.5g) – $25, 1/4 OUNCE (7g) – $50, 1/2 OUNCE (14g) – $90, OUNCE (28g) – $175

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