Weed Delivery Vancouver

Weed Delivery Vancouver

Weed Delivery Vancouver!

Free weed delivery from Noon – 7:30pm MONDAY – SATURDAY

Local delivery is CLOSED SUNDAY.

Please look at our delivery service map above: 

We are the best service for Weed Delivery in Vancouver.  Looking for high quality medical marijuana in Vancouver?  We offer same day delivery for a great range of cannabis products right to your door.  We are located in Vancouver so we can service your needs fast.  Our sign up is easy, we only need an email address and your delivery address!

Canada Wide Weed has been the best Weed delivery in Vancouver since 2016 and we have a great reputation as a leader in sourcing the highest quality cannabis products.  We have the largest selection of organic cannabis online.  We carry edibles, concentrates, prerolls and CBD products.

We understand their are lots of choices for  Weed Delivery in Vancouver, but when your looking for the best quality and prices, we stand out above the rest.  Here are some highlights as to why we are the best!

  • Free Delivery
  • 20% off 1st order (use code “1st timer”) 
  • Same day delivery (allow 2 hrs but we usually can make it in 30mins – 1hr.)
  • Delivery hours Noon – 7:30pm
  • No upload of ID requirement
  • Min Order $60 in green zone (Downtown and East Van) 
  • Absolute best quality cannabis flowers

When in comes to cannabis delivery in Vancouver no one can offer these same benefits.  We love delivering the highest quality cannabis products for our friends in Vancouver.  If you looking for the absolute best, your come to the right place!

Do you miss all the dispensaries that used to exist in Vancouver? We used to love how you could easily get the best of Vancouver marijuana in a convenient shop that was affordably priced.  We also miss that you can’t even talk to these new stores about the medicinal benefits of Cannabis.  That is an absolute crime.  There should absolutley be a discussion able to be had about how this wonderful plant can help people in so many ways.  We are here for you Vancouver.

Canada Wide Weed is proud to carry the finest craft cannabis products in the lower mainland.  This includes brand such as Twisted Extracts, Cannatek, New Prohibition, Cypress Organics, Aloha Beverages, Boost Edibles, and the best selection of pre rolled joints in the local delivery market.

We are dedicated to offering the best customer service experience in the lower mainland!  You can count on us for reliable quality and fast service.  If you are ever unhappy with any purchase from us we are more than willing to exchange it for you!

We have the best reward points system of any local delivery!  We give you 5% cash back on each and every purchase you make with us.  This substantially increases your savings when you consistently shop with us.  We appreciate our loyal patients and make sure that we do everything possible to be the reliable outlet they can depend on.