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Pineapple Express Strain – Born in Hollywood

Pineapple Express Strain

Every once in awhile a strain of marijuana surges to the forefront of popularity creating a new household name for itself.  There’s nothing like having a movie titled after it, written by and starring Hollywood’s favourite stoner and weed aficionado Seth Rogan, to launch the demand for this hybrid into the strain-osphere.  That’s right, I’m talking about the ever-popular and extra hyped Pineapple Express strain.  While there are tons of top quality strains out there to add to your party platter of bud, there’s a certain intrigue and familiarity when toking on the same weed you just watched Seth Rogan, James Franko and Danny McBride light up.  Touted as “the dopest dope” in the movie, Pineapple Express is portrayed as the one weed to rule them all.  A rare and extremely potent bud that can rock even the biggest pot head’s THC drenched world. But where did this magical blended herb of perfect creation spawn from?  Is the strain available on the market today just riding the Hollywood fame train or does it actually smoke better than its 68% Tomatometer movie counterpart?  Let’s dive deeper into the origins of this instant classic hybrid bud and uncover the truth about what you can expect when purchasing this strain.

What Came First?  The Movie or the Weed?

In an interview with Pineapple Express lead actor and co-writer Seth Rogan, Rogan reveals the truth about where the name came from and puts an end to the decade long debate of whether or not the strain existed before the movie was released.  Along with admitting that he and co-writer Evan Goldberg had to roll all of the cross-shaped joints for the movie as no one else on the crew knew how to properly, Rogan also revealed that the Pineapple Express marijuana strain did not exist prior to creating the movie in 2008.  The name for the movie was actually based off of the Hawaiian weather system that occasionally hits the Pacific Northwest where Rogan is from.  Goldberg apparently heard the name and stated: “that would be a great name for a movie”.  It wasn’t until years later that Rogan and Goldberg found a fitting movie concept to warrant the name; Pineapple Express. The movie portrays the Pineapple Express strain as “the dopest dope” and features it as a hard-hitting, mind-bending, party inducing rarity.  This caught the attention of expert cannabis growers all over, inspiring them to be the first to create a new strain worthy of the name.  Of course, it was also an excellent business opportunity seeing as the movie grossed $102 million worldwide.  So, the race to create the first “real” Pineapple Express strain was on.

Who Created the “Real” Pineapple Express Strain?

According to G13 Labs, they were the first to bring the Pineapple Express strain to life by combining the Trainwreck and Hawaiian strains to create the parent genetics.  However, their site now lists the strain as a combination of Skunk and Big Bud adding to the confusion of its make-up and questionable validity of their claim.  There are also other variations of this strain from a variety of other growers seeking to claim the coveted title, however it is still unclear who exactly created the first “real” Pineapple Express strain.  Regardless of who its creator was, its popularity is undeniable, and the fact that it even exists is a testament to the impact of the Pineapple Express movie and a badge Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg are proud to wear.

What are the Characteristics of the Pineapple Express Strain?

Comprised of 60% sativa and 40% indica, the sativa dominant Pineapple Express strain has a moderate THC level of 14%-19% which provides a long-lasting, pleasant, uplifting and productive buzz. With a tropical scent and citrus overtones the Pineapple Express strain dishes out a delicious pineapple, pine and cedar taste when inhaled.  The most common effects that users have reported are happy, uplifting, euphoric, energetic and relaxed.  Although not the heavy-hitting weed that the movie depicts, the Pineapple Express strain is an excellent choice for daytime smoking and getting your creative juices flowing.

Is Pineapple Express Good for Medical Use?

Pineapple Express is often used as a medicinal aid.  Although the movie depicts the Pineapple Express strain as the ultimate, mind-bending, party-going bud, the real Pineapple Express has been known to have excellent medicinal properties.  For those suffering from anxiety and stress, they may find a great deal of relief from ingesting this strain.  With its numbing characteristic along with its positive and energizing effects, the Pineapple Express strain has also been known to be an excellent option for easing mild aches and pains, as well as assisting in reducing chronic depression.

How Difficult is it to Grow Pineapple Express at Home?

The Pineapple Express strain is a moderately difficult plant to grow.  It requires a warm environment and lots of light and space.  If you’re growing indoors make sure to leave extra room for her wide branches.  Grown properly, this auto-flowering strain usually takes around 7 – 8 weeks to produce a healthy harvest.


So there you have it.  The Pineapple Express strain is a hybrid bud made from a hybrid past of Hollywood hilarity and genetic mixing.  It’s now a house name weed known worldwide for its energizing, positive, creative, thought inducing, body buzzing effects as well as being highly regarded for its medicinal properties such as easing pain, anxiety and stress and relieving chronic depression.  The side-splitting, quirky movie of the rare bud that started it all pairs well with the mystery behind the origins of the first “real” strain of Pineapple Express.  Regardless of its origins, it is most certainly one of the “dopest dopes” out there.  Whether you’re looking to puff away on a tropical tasting daytime bud worthy of the great Canadian weed connoisseur, Seth Rogan or are looking to explore another variety of marijuana to assist with medical relief, the Pineapple Express strain is definitely one worth sampling.


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Cannabis Soil: A Guide for Home Growers

It’s a good time to be a cannabis lover.  The number of cannabis products available today is bountiful and ever-growing.  There’s something to suit even the most selective of connoisseurs.  While shopping around and sampling new cannabis products may give you that “kid in the candy store” feeling, there’s nothing quite like planting, nurturing and growing your own cannabis plants at home.  Your tender care, directly reflected in your plant’s growth, and that exciting and proud day your plant is ready for harvest just can’t be topped.   If you’re going to grow cannabis though, one thing you’ll definitely need is the right soil.  There’s a lot that goes into growing a healthy and happy cannabis plant, but by using the right soil, your canna-baby will be off to a great start.

Cannabis Soil is Just Soil Right?

While cannabis soil is indeed soil, what the soil is made up of can drastically change its characteristics and impact the growth of your cannabis plant.  When deciding on the best soil for your cannabis plant you need to consider the following attributes:

  • Texture
  • PH level
  • Nutrient makeup
  • Water retention
  • Drainage

Texture for Cannabis Soil

The texture of the soil refers to the granular form and is an important attribute to be aware of when growing cannabis.

  • Sandy soil will have a large granular size allowing for excellent drainage and higher oxygen levels. However, since the soil is fairly loose, it doesn’t retain any of the water or nutrients your cannabis plant needs to grow.
  • Silty soil has lots of nutrients and can retain water but is too easily compacted leaving no room for your cannabis plant’s roots to grow.
  • Clay soil provides great minerals and also retains water very well, however, similar to silty soil it can become too compact which makes it poor for drainage

Now if only there was a soil that combines all of the attributes of the different textured soils listed above.  Well, good news!  There is and it’s called Loam Soil.

  • Loam soil is made up of less than 52% sand, 28-50% silt and 7-27% clay. Its porous texture creates the perfect combination of water retention and drainage allowing your cannabis plant to absorb the water it needs without getting waterlogged.  Unfortunately, this ideal blend of soil comes at a cost.  You can find it at most garden stores as potting soil.

PH Level for Cannabis Soil

The PH level of the soil is a chemical measurement of how alkaline or acidic it is.  Cannabis requires a very specific PH level of 6.0 to thrive.  A slight variation in PH should still be fine but if your PH is too high or too low your plant will die.  If you’re wondering how to do a soil PH test check out this link.

Nutrient Makeup for Cannabis Soil

Cannabis soil will require a good dose of nutrients to get your plant off to a great start.  Most of the bags of soil you can buy at a garden store already have a good supply of nutrients which will usually last for the first month of growth.  After that, it will be up to you to supply your plant with the nutrients it needs.  Adding in some good quality compost, worm castings or guano will allow the microorganisms in the soil to break them down and create an excellent source of nutrients for your cannabis plants.  There are also nutrient solutions which you can purchase at your local garden store to help fine-tune your cannabis soil.

Homemade Cannabis Soil

If you’re new to growing cannabis, store-bought soil can be an excellent way to start.  It will supply you with a well-balanced, nutrient filled solution to get you started with very little effort.  However, if you’re ready to take your cannabis growing to the next level, why not start by creating your own special soil blend!

Cannabis Soil Base

To get started, you’ll need to begin with a good base.  Three components you’ll need for your base are compost, coco coir and perlite.  A good rule of thumb is to use 1 part compost, 1 part coco coir and 1 part perlite.


Those kitchen scraps you’ve been composting can become the first contributor to your soil base.  Good nutrient-rich organic waste makes for an excellent base starter.

Coco Coir

Made from coconut husks, coco coir is an excellent fibrous addition for your cannabis soil.  If you find your soil is too compact, adding up to 30% coco coir will help with water retention and provide aeration for your soil


If you’ve ever noticed little bright white rocks in soil, it’s most likely perlite.  The light airy properties of perlite will lighten your soil and provide better drainage.  Be careful not to add too much though as you need to maintain a nice balance of airiness and water retention.


After you have your base you’ll need to focus on diversifying the microbiological makeup of your soil.  One way to do this is by building fungi mycorrhizal relationship with the roots by adding:

  • Kelp meal: 2.5tsp / gallon
  • Humic acid: 2.5tsp / gallon
  • Mycorrhizal inoculant: 1/2tsp / gallon


In order to keep your cannabis plants healthy and resilient to weather, pests and disease you’ll need to make sure you introduce a healthy amount of bacteria.  Worm castings and bat guano are excellent for this.

  • Worm castings: 20% of your mix
  • Bat guano: 5% of your mix

Micro and Macronutrients

Your cannabis plant will thank you for adding a healthy mix of micro and macronutrients.  These can be easily added by mixing in some good quality plant fertilizer.

Most importantly, remember to have fun!  Experiment, practise and play.  Creating the perfect cannabis soil is a trial and error process which will require constant tweaking and fine-tuning to cater to your plant’s needs but seeing your cannabis grow into a strong and healthy plant is very rewarding and well worth the effort.  So get outside, get your hands dirty and give it a try!  When you’re puffing away on the fruits of your own labour, it’ll taste that much sweeter.

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Using Cannabis for Pain Relief

Cannabis Pain Relief

The benefits of Cannabis are becoming more and more apparent as medical institutions dive deeper into the research behind this miracle genus.  Referring to three psychoactive plants; cannabis sativa, cannabis indica and cannabis ruderalis, Cannabis has been providing another alternative for pain relief.  We’ve all experienced some form of pain throughout our lives, but for some, pain is a part of our day to day lives.  In fact, chronic pain is one of the most common causes of long term disability and is often treated with pharmaceutical prescriptions.  For many, pharmaceuticals have been the only method to treat their pain, but modern science has finally begun to break the stigma surrounding cannabis and shine a light on the multitude of benefits it has to offer.  With its two most prominent biologically active chemicals, THC and CBD, Cannabis has shown great promise, and in many cases, excellent results for treating a multitude of conditions including pain relief.

What Kind of Pain Can Cannabis Be Used For?

There are a variety of reasons we can suffer from pain.  An action as simple as lifting a heavy object the wrong way can cause significant back pain.  We can strain our muscles from overexerting them, or injure our joints participating in the sports we love.  There are also more serious medical causes for pain such as muscle pain from a spinal injury, arthritis, multiple sclerosis or lupus, or chronic neuropathic pain from nerve damage caused by surgery, cancer, diabetes or HIV.  Cannabis (most notably CBD) can be used to help lessen the pain experienced from these conditions.  As well as offering relief from pain, the THC component of Cannabis can help patients, such as those with HIV or who are being treated with chemo, regain their appetite and lessen weight loss.  That is the incredible thing about Cannabis.  It has been found to help a wide variety of patients experiencing very different symptoms.

How Can Cannabis Relieve Pain?

Cannabis is comprised of two main components; THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol).  Up until recently, Cannabis had been classified as a schedule 1 drug and so this limited the support, funding and resources for proper in-depth research into the benefits of its usage.  However, recent studies of CBD have shown promising results in reducing inflammation and providing pain relief, and the response from patients using CBD to subdue their chronic pain has been very positive.  Proper research analysis would require studying the effects of patients using Cannabis over an extended period of time, and as legalization has just begun, studies are still in their infant stages.  One exciting and promising study has been uncovering the effectiveness of Cannabis in controlling severe seizures with fewer side effects than the previous prescribed pharmaceuticals. There are also many other compounds within Cannabis that require further study to determine their contribution to the positive effects people are experiencing from using the plants.  One thing is for sure, Cannabis has been used as a medicine for thousands of years, and as legalization expands and research funding improves, the future is looking very bright and exciting for these incredible plants.  At Canada Wide Weed helping people treat their chronic pain symptoms is very important to us.  We have a great selection of Cannabis products that have been carefully crafted with pain relief in mind such as our Lemon & Co. Organic Pain Relief Cream, our New Prohibition Organic CBD Oil and our Cypress Organics Indica Tincture.

What Form Does Cannabis Come in?

Cannabis can come in a variety of deliverables.  This allows for a very customizable experience which can be catered to the individual seeking pain relief from Cannabis.  The most common method of consuming Cannabis in the past has been to smoke it as a dried plant.  Nowadays there are many more products available, so for those who are concerned about inhaling smoke or just don’t like the taste of the burning plant, there are many other great alternatives.  Some may enjoy to brew it into a tea.  There are also excellent topical formulas available which allow for absorption of Cannabis through the skin.  Another method which is becoming very popular is to ingest the Cannabis in the form of edibles.  These edibles are commonly made into chocolate bars, gummies, drinks, brownies and cookies, but can also come in an infinite number of other food or drink products making the ingestion of this pain-relieving medicine much more palatable for some.  For information on how long it takes to feel the effects of cannabis from edibles, please read our blog post: How Long to Edibles Take to Kick In?

Which Cannabis Pain Relief Products Are Right for Me?

We are all unique.  We enjoy different flavours, different scents and require relief for pain and discomfort that is unique to us.  There just isn’t a “one size fits all” approach when it comes to finding the most suitable Cannabis products for you.  That’s why we at Canada Wide Weed offer a wide range of products in a variety of forms to choose from.  Whether you prefer a topical solution, a delicious edible, or perhaps you’d rather a dry herb or tincture, we have a Cannabis product for you.  Each product on our website has an in-depth description of its benefits and effects to help you discover a Cannabis product that works best for your situation.  We also recommend reading the reviews from our amazing customers to help give you some insight into how each Cannabis product has helped them and what their personal experience has been.  Of course we are always here to help as well 


It is an exciting time for Cannabis and its role in assisting with pain relief.  Although it has been used for thousands of years as a pain medication, to induce appetite and to shift mindsets, only recently has it begun to get the attention, funding, and proper research it deserves.  Many have already experienced incredible relief from the use of Cannabis and now we will finally be able to uncover the science behind these miraculous plants.

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Funny Names for Weed Over the Decades

Funny Names for Weed Over the Decades

What are you smoking these days?  Some weed, ganja, bud or herb? Or maybe you’re more into that sticky icky or some of that wacky tobaccy. Call it what you want but there’s nothing better than kicking back at the end of the day and puffing on some sweet jazz cabbage. Call it a sign of endearment, but no other plant out there has earned so many different names and that list keeps on growing higher than toking on some funky fern. We all like our chronic as much as we like to have a good laugh, so what are the top funny names for weed you ask? Well, that depends on what era you’re from.

1930s Funny Names for Weed

If you were born in the 1930’s you might ease your farmers back at the end of a hard day by flopping down in your rocking chair and puffing away on some sweet devil’s lettuce. Mmm mmm, nothing sounds so forbidden and delicious quite like devil’s lettuce. The name devil’s lettuce came from anti-weed campaigns initiated by the government to dissuade people from smoking cannabis. How devilish of them!

1940s Funny Names for Weed

It’s the end of the day and you’re prepping up a tasty spamghetti carbonara for you and the kids. It’s a time of war and stress levels are high. About as high as you’re going to be once you glide across your linoleum floor, flop down on your floral fabric couch and dive into your giggle smokes! Not feeling the giggle smokes? Treat yourself to some joy smokes or goof butts.

1950s Funny Names for Weed

Moving on to swing dresses and crisp white t-shirts, your Chevy Bel Air is parked out front and Elvis Presley is “All Shook Up” on the A.M. radio. Sounds like he could really use a puff of pod.  That’s right I said pod, not pot. The term “pod” was used between the 1950s – 1970s in lieu of the word pot. Pot is derived from the Mexican Spanish word potiguaya, meaning marijuana leaves. Not that just makes sense!

1960s Funny Names for Weed

Far out, we’ve travelled back in time to the 1960s. Jobs are plenty and you’ve bought yourself a brand new colour television set. It’s time to kick off your loafers and watch the premiere of a new show called The Flintstones. Speaking of stoned… you can’t watch those wacky prehistoric characters without smokin’ a little bit of grass first! Back in the ‘60s, there wasn’t the wide selection of high-quality herb we know today. A bag of marijuana was very green and looked a lot like… well… a bag of grass clippings. I guess if you smoked all your grass you could say you’ve mowed the lawn!

1970s Funny Names for Weed

Slip-on your bellbottoms and fluff out that sweet afro, it’s Saturday night and you’ve got the disco fever. The only way to get this funky night rolling is to slip on your platform shoes and spark up some of that primo skunk. That’s right my Pepe Le Pew friends, if you were kickin’ it in the 1970s you’d be calling marijuana skunk due to its pungent “skunky” odour. Do you dig it?

1980s Funny Names for Weed

Back to the future, we’re in the 1980s. Leather jacket popped collar and Take On Me busting out of the speakers of your wood-panelled station wagon. You’re racing home to shut out the world and lose yourself in a high stakes game of Pong on your new Atari game system. The only way to handle that kind of pressure is to light up some of that dank weed. Awww yeah… there it is. Weed is still the go-to slang name for marijuana to this day, and although it had been used by earlier generations, it really picked up popularity in the ‘80s.

1990s Funny Names for Weed

Boo-ya! You’re in the 90s, board-sliding the school parking lot curbsides while blasting Smells Like Teen Spirit on your Shockwave Discman. Ripped baggy jeans and t-shirt over your hoodie, the only way to ease that teenage angst is to roll up a fatty and get blazed. Derived from the term blaze which means a bright flame or fire, getting blazed became a common phrase for smoking marijuana throughout the 1990s.

2000s Funny Names for Weed

What a trip, but we made it to the turn of the century. It’s the 00s and every radio station you flip to is playing either Yellow by Coldplay, or Beautiful Day by U2.  So much so that the only way your day will be beautiful is if you turn that s*%# off and bust out some high grade hydro. I’m not talking about H20, or electricity, the term hydro is short for hydroponics. Marijuana has come a long way at this point. Different strands are more readily available and growers are creating their own hybrids. Controlled growing conditions have made hydroponic weed all the hype.

The Roll-Up

So there you have it. A little history, some time travel and a few new-to-you names for your favourite plant. There are more names for weed out there than fibres in your rolling papers and you know what? That’s A-OK with me. Some are derived from the way it looks, others the way it smells and some, well… perhaps it was just the first word that popped into that person’s head when they took that first toke. Whatever the reason, labelling marijuana with our own creative twist is a commonality we share with so many generations past. The best part? Now it’s your turn to leave your stamp on the history books and add to the 1000s of names for marijuana that already exist out there. So get creative, don’t hold back, define your generation with your own spin on naming this miraculous plant. Tweet it, meme it, tag it, post it, but whatever you decide to call it, smoke one for me.

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Best oil for Cannabis Extraction

Best Oil for Cannabis Extraction

As long as human beings have existed, they have been naturally curious.  Curious in the sense of how they can make things better.  Curious how they can feel a bit better, more comfortable, more relaxed. For this reason, people have developed a natural fascination with the cannabis plant.  However, sometimes a wicked thing called tolerance rears its ugly head and the fine people of planet earth are forced to get creative.  Enter extraction.  There are many forms of extraction.  From gentle flowing water to deadly butane garage explosions, there are more than a few ways to peel this banana.  But what is the very best way?  And when it comes to cooking, what is the best oil for cannabis extraction? We prefer to use natural things when we make our extractions, so we are here today to highlight a few of them.

Fat Soluble

The chemical compounds of the cannabis plant are known to be fat-soluble.  What does that mean? It means that they break down in fat instead of water.  This means that when your cooking with marijuana you’re going to be using some form of fat.  Most people are familiar with cannabutter.  But when it comes to picking the right oil for your extractions, which one is the best? Is it non-salted ghee from grass-fed cows that are given massages 3 times a day? Is it wildcrafted virgin oil from Tuscany? Could it be young Thai coconuts grown at the base of an ancient monastery? We are here to help you sort through the marketing minutia of your Saturday morning whole foods wake and bake nightmare.  All those fancy labels neatly stacked in pristine order.  However, can you possibly choose the right one? Let’s explore fat when it comes to the best oil for cannabis extraction.

Fat Saturation

You gotta get a real fat concentrated medium if you’re going to absorb some serious THC.  Don’t start getting all skinny canna when it comes to getting the dose you need.  We understand taste is everything and there are a lot of restrictive diets out there these days.  Obviously if your a vegan, regular old butter is going to be out of the question.  Also, please whatever you do don’t use margarine.  These trans fats are out here killing more people than coronavirus.  I can’t believe the things that people decided were good for you in the ’80s.  So there are lots of different kinds of oils out there for you to choose from.  But you want to know our recommendation?  I mean if you’re actually reading this far, you probably do right?  Or maybe you’re just so tired of watching Trump impeachment coverage that you decided you would learn how to make your own edibles.   I can’t blame anyone for wanting to melt into their couch for a solid half a day.  Anyway, if you really want to make some potent edibles, we suggest coconut butter! Why coconut butter? Keep reading and we will give you our distinguished research as to why it’s the best oil for cannabis extraction.

Why should I use coconut oil for Cannabis?

Well, this all comes down to fat saturation levels again.  Again, when it comes to cooking cannabis, we aren’t looking for the skinny jeans approach.  We want the Sir Mix A Lot remix.  When it comes to absorbing THC, the higher the fat saturation the easier it is for the fat to absorb THC and other cannabinoids that are in this magical plant. Did you know that Coconut oil is 90% saturated fat?  These coconuts are out here looking thick AF.  On the flip side, you got olive oil.  This is your standard runway model, clocking in a paltry 15% saturated fat.  Olive oil is out here eating celery as a snack.  That is just not what you’re looking for when it comes to cannabis.  You need that chicken and waffles with a side of cornbread.  Coconut oil has the fat you are looking for and is why it’s the best oil for cannabis extraction.

Is coconut oil good for you?

The scientific answer to this is yes.  Some people are very adverse to high levels of saturated fat.  However, this plant-based fat is actually good for you.  The difference lies in what is known as medium fatty chain acids and long-chain fatty acids.  Coconut oil is made up of medium fatty chain acids, which are quite easy for the body to break down.  These fats are rapidly metabolized and turned into energy.  Long-chain fatty acids are the exact opposite.  They are not easily broken down and are usually absurd into your body as fatty tissue.


Get that THC flowing through you!

We told you coconut oil is great absorbing THC already.  We didn’t tell you that it actually helps the deliver the THC better than regular old butter.  Animal fats don’t break down as easily so the chemical compounds in the cannabis won’t be as effectively delivered.  Coconut oil will break down naturally and be absorbed quickly instead of passing through your system without breaking down.  It will deliver the nutrients and chemical found in the cannabis plant through your digestive tract.  This is why we think cannabis oil is the way to go when it comes to making edibles.  We want to effectively absorb all that THC.  Since coconut oil absorbs the best, it will have more intense psychoactive effects.  This is certainly the way for people that want strong edibles.  I know we used to make edibles and always used coconut oil as a way of making them vegan.  We really didn’t even understand the benefits of the absorption rate at the time.  People would always say our edibles were great.  It always isn’t just about the stated THC levels on an edible.  Sometimes you need the proper delivery system to get the most out of your cannabis.  Thanks for tuning in to the latest edition of our blog.  We really enjoy learning more about this wonderful plant and we hope you do too.  Now that cannabis is finally legal in Canada, there are lots of exciting things going on with the plant.  Every day it seems we learn new things and Canada Wide Weed is here to give you all the updates and info you need!


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Best Way to Smoke Hash

Best Way to Smoke Hash

Best Way to Smoke Hash In this article we’re going to find out the Best way to Smoke Hash. In many parts of the world, the Cannabis Buds themselves are often considered an unfinished product, and many people in these areas may go their whole lives without smoking cannabis flower. In these areas there generally hasn’t been the same focus on marijuana breeding or indoor cultivation to the plant material their working with would be a more crude, and in need of processing to get the best product. Conversely, In places in Like Amsterdam and California growers have worked to isolate genetics with over 30 % THC in ideal indoor conditions. In these cases, there’s no need to process your large buds into hash and its generally the trim that gets used for hash and other concentrate production ( phoenix tears, C02 Oil, rosin etc)


Countries like Morocco, Afghanistan and Lebanon rank among the biggest hash producing countries in the world, and they of course export to Europe, North America and all over the rest of the planet. In fact, when I  began smoking weed as a teenager, it was common to get Moroccan/Afgan Hash around summertime when there was usually a flower dry spell as growers focused their energy on their outdoor crops. I always appreciated the floral, musky essence and smooth delicious smoke of those first hash smoking experiences.

How to Smoke Hash

Top 5 Best Ways to Smoke Hash.


5. Hot Knives

Before I knew what Bubble Hash was, my friends and I were introduced to the Afghan Variety of Hash. This is the Substance that people generally associate with Hash. Its a soft gummy tar looking substance. It’s ideally quite malleable.  You can simply pick off small pieces from the larger hash ball and break them up as small as possible. If its hard you can slowly warm it up with a lighter ( don’t burn it) For Hot Knives you’ll want something about half the size of a grain of rice or slightly bigger. It best to form this down into a tiny little patty.

Take two butter knives and heat just the tips up on a heating element. It should be noted that these butter knives will never be the same, so choose wisely, better to use old ones that no one will miss.


Once the knife tips are glowing orange you’re ready for lift-off. At this point, it should be noted that this is much easier with two people but can be accomplished by yourself as well.

Take the little hash patty and carefully place it on the tip of the first knife whist holding it out flat. This is the base. Quickly grab the second knife and press it down, once the two hot knives are pressed down on the piece of hash it will quickly burn up so you or your friend need to be ready to inhale the smoke. Some wise stoners will go an extra step and make a mouthpiece by cutting off the top of a 2-litre pop bottle so that the hot knives don’t get too close to your mouth and face. I’m going to strongly recommend that anyone reading this tutorial goes ahead and takes this step. The first time I ever heard of hot knives was from an older guy that had been held back a couple of grades and was in my high school geography class. He sat next to me, and one morning he came in with a nasty burn mark on his cheek. He explained what he’s been doing and of course, it seemed completely ridiculous to me at the time, it wasn’t until a couple of years later that I tried it for myself.

I’d rate this method a 2/5. Pros are that its a convenient quick and dirty way to smoke some hash, but because of the danger factor I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re even slightly clumsy.

4. Bottle Tokes

To smoke bottle tokes or BT’s as we called them, you need:

a) A cigarette or a perfectly rolled joint of dry weed* ( needs to burn evenly like a cigarette.)

b) a plastic water bottle or glass beer bottle.

c) bottle cap

d) a penny/sharp object

If you’re going to use a plastic water bottle you can carefully burn a small hole about 1.5 inches from the bottom of the water bottle. It should about the size of the end of a lighter.

If you only have access to a glass bottle it’s a little tougher to make the hole and you’ll probably go through a couple of bottles to get it right. What you need is a sharp or hard object like a nail, knife or shard of metal. Starting about  1.5 inches from the bottom, start scratching a small area about the size of a dime. The more you scratch it in this isolated area the better.

Next, you’ll insert the penny in the bottle, grab it by the neck of the bottle and begin shaking the penny around, it will pop a hole the area that you scratched up and sometimes it will just crack the entire bottle. I’ve had a few that worked out perfectly the first time.

Smoking BT’s

Now that you’ve made your plastic of glass BT bottle you’re ready to smoke. Set up a session of small rice size hash patties just like you would for hot knives. They need to be small enough to rest on top of the burning cherry of the cigarette or joint. (If they’re too big you won’t be able to pick them up with the cigarette). Cigarettes make this process easier as they always burn perfectly, but a really good joint can accomplish the same objective (if you can roll one).

  • Make sure the cap is on the bottle, this holds the smoke in.
  • Start by holding the cigarette between your thumb and middle finger. You can then use your index finger to tap the cherry of the cigarette to the little hash patty. It helps to take a drag and ask the cigarette s its as hot as possible and can easily pick up the hash from the top.
  • Once you’ve accomplished this ( takes some finesse) you turn the cigarette so that the hash is now resting on top of the cherry ( burning ember/tip)
  • Holding the cigarette with the thumb and index finger of your dominant hand, use your other hand to quickly pick up the bottle side down with the bottle facing you.
  • as soon as the hash starts burning a stream of white smoke will start rising from it. It looks obviously thick than the cigarette or joint smoke and will rise in one perfect unbroken stream.
  • Hold the cigarette so that the hash stream is entering the bottle. The bottle should be held at a 60-degree angle.
  • The hash smoke will enter the hole and fill the bottle from the bottom up.
  • When the hash stream subsides quickly take the cigarette away from the hole and cover it with your thumb.
  • When you’re ready to inhale simply remove the cap and bring it to your lips. Take your thumb away as you inhale from the mouthpiece of the bottle.

I’d rate BTs a 3.5/5

Once you get good at this you can get really nice results. If you can properly isolate the hash stream without introducing too much tobacco smoke, you get a perfect toke with the added benefit of the smoke being a much cooler temperature than if you were toking from a short pipe.

Good for – Afghan/Moroccan and pressed Bubble Hash ( if you buy it micro-planed, you can mould it together with your fingers.)


3. Spliff

Smoking a hash spliff is a really traditional way to enjoy the product. Typically you’d try to break the hash up as fine as possible and/or roll a string of flexible Moroccan Hash along the length of your spliff. This can be laid in the joint of tobacco or finally broken up weed  (dry) and then rolled as normal.

Micro planed bubble hash is a relatively new variety that works great for sprinkling on top of a bed of tobacco/weed then rolled normally.

Although the traditional tobacco hash version of this is my personal favourite way to smoke hash, I’m trying to really limit the amount of tobacco I smoke / if I’m going to smoke hash I wouldn’t generally mix it with bud  (personal preference) so I’d give this a 4.20/5. 

Good For: Afghan, Bubble Hash, Hash Oil


2.Hash Pipe/Bongs

This one is pretty straight forward but sometimes simple is best. From the simple glass pipe to the most intricate bong this is an elegant solution. Its generally best to have a small filter so that finely broken up hash cannot clog the pipe or bong.

What is a Hash Pipe?

The main difference between a Hash Pipe and a regular pipe is that the bowl will generally have small holes to draw the smoke through as opposed to a single hole in regular bowls. You can also just purchase a glass filter at a head shop which accomplishes the same thing.

Hash Pipe/Bongs are Best Way to Smoke Bubble Hash.

Micro-planed bubble hash is really versatile and can be smoked in almost any format: joints, bongs, certain vaporizers etc. Pressed bubble hash is great in pipes or bongs. I give them 4.4/5

Best for Bubble Hash


1) Vaporizers

Vaporizers are a new addition to the world of hash smoking. Certain specialized vaporizers have the ability to burn multiple forms of cannabis, dry flower, hash oil, bubble hash etc. These can be an expensive investment up front, but the convenience and discreet nature of vape pens make them a winner in my books. I enjoy bringing a bit of hash up the mountain on hikes and while snowboarding and the convenience of not having to deal with the wind while lighting up is a huge bonus. You can relax on the chair and casually have a nice session with you pals. I give vaporizers a 4.5/5 


Best for Hash Oil and Micro-Planed Bubble Hash.























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How Long Do Edibles Take to Kick In?

how long does it take for edibles to kick in

How long before these edibles kick in? 

How Long Do Edibles Take to kick in? So you’ve found yourself with some spare time to relax and unwind, kick back and smell the roses. Only today is different, today you’re looking to enhance your experience with some tasty weed edibles. Great choice, as I write this blog today I too have decided to indulge and sample the fruits of my latest experiment ( a delicious home-brewed IPA dosed with 20 mg of THC). Follow along and in this article, I’ll show you the ropes and answer the question: How long before these edibles kick it


How Long before these edibles kick in? In the case of this delicious beverage, its been about 20 minutes since I pounded the beer and already Im beginning to feel the first flutterings of the effects of my dosed IPA. In general, you’re going to be looking at 30 minutes and all the way up to 2 hours before you’ll really start feeling the effects of your chosen edible.

On that note, what the edible is made with plays a role in how long it’ll take to kick in. Cannabis Butters generally take longer but then last longer, whereas oils and concentrates generally kick in and leave you system faster. As you can image, there’s a veritable arms race right now for chemists to delay the fastest acting Cannabis edible so that it’ll take effect along the same timeline as alcohol. We’re still a ways from there but I have no doubt in the next decade that timeline will be a reality.

There are many factors and just like everything else results will vary between people and depend on your mental state ( relaxed, anxious, excited), environment, how much you’ve eaten that day and how rested you are. In this case, I’m at the in-laws over Christmas break ( relaxed, overindulged etc) Today I’ve eaten a Blueberry Pancake, a few Ferraro Rochettes and a couple of cups of coffee. The high ABV of the IPA and its medicinal hops are helping with the relaxation but I’m really starting to notice the body and possibly excited anticipation of the THC. Now here’s where people make a critical mistake while consuming edibles.

If at first you don’t succeed…just keep waiting, seriously.

If you’re a novice in the edibles game its absolutely in your best interest to wait and find out what the edible dose you’ve chosen has in store. This is especially true if its something one of your buddies whipped up in their kitchen. It’s very easy to fudge the calculation or make them based on false data ( like THC concentrations in your cooking weed or shake) and this is what cause s people to end up in the hospital having the worst night of their life. A good friend of mine recently regaled me with the tale from his first trip to Amsterdam. He and his new Fiancé had never partaken in smoking Cannabis let alone trying a potent edible. So they go to one of the famous weed cafes of Amsterdam and proceed to purchase a cookie. I’m not sure if the ” Buddhist ” ( or whatever budtenders are called at a weed cafe) had it out for these innocent tourists ( at least one of them was wearing a fanny pack, of this I’m certain) or possibly there was a miscommunication, but she decided to down the entire cookie to herself and he would act as the tour guide so they could make it back to the hotel. Anyways 3 hours later and only a couple days into this romantic vacation with two of the ” straightest” people I’ve ever known and she is ready to head to the emergency room because she ” thought she was dying”

This part is no joke friends, here is a fine line and when you over-consume cannabis or ” Green Out” as it’s known in the industry, you’ll be going to a miserable hell of you’re own creation and it’ll be about as far from ” Chillaxing” as you could ever imagine.

So, How long before these edibles kick in?

The fastest I’ve ever felt is in the 15 – 20 minute range and the longest is around 2 hours and unlike smoking or vaping, you start to feel the edible subtly, then it will generally keep building to a peak. Who knows what’s up with your body better than you? I know people who barely feel anything at any dose and others that get floored by 10 mg, so its best to start slow, work your way up and find the dose that perfect for you


Top 5 Tips for Beginners

As a newbie here are the main points you must understand before you partake in delicious cannabis edibles.

  1. You can’t overdose from weed edibles, but if you take to0 much for your personal tolerance, you’re in for a bad time.
  2. Cannabis edibles affect everyone differently, so don’t worry if you’re friend starts feeling the effects before you, your time will come, relax bud.
  3. How long do these edibles take to kick in? It depends on a variety of factors and how they were made.
  4.  There are no reported cases of humans dying from a Cannabis overdose. You will eventually come down from the effects and return to your normal state of being.
  5. Just be patient and have an excellent time.


How long do edibles last?

So now that you have a sense of: How long these edibles will take to kick in, you should rightly be wondering: How long do edibles last? 

As I eluded to earlier how and what an edible is made with will affect no only how long it takes to kick in, but also how long the high will last for. The largest factor to consider though is the size of the dose you’ve taken. In general, an edible dose will last from 3 – 5 hours depending on the dose, your tolerance and how its made. 

The longest I’ve ever felt the effects of an edible was around 8 hours, and it was unpleasant at all. It was just at the upper end of what I could comfortably handle without going over the line. I’m sure there was a moment around the 4-hour mark where I was thinking ” I hope this doesn’t become any more intense” and luckily it didn’t, I just had a good old time making music. I recall waking up the next day with a massive ” Weed Hangover” Which is a bit of a misnomer because, in stark contrast to proper alcohol hangover, with weed I just feel really relaxed and comfortable a little hazy and very unmotivated. Obviously not something you want to make a habit of unless of course, you are content with #couchlife


I hope this article fully answered the question of: How long with these edibles take to kick in and how long the ensuing high with last. I’m now at about the 1 hour 45 mixtures mark after finishing my beer and have a pronounced relaxing body high, I typing away on my laptop listening to the UK Jazz playlist on Spotify beside the Christmas tree. Time for another shortbread.


Well if you actually read all the way to the end here we will give you a real treat!  Here is a link to funny stories about parents eating edibles. 


Thanks for visiting Canada Wide Weed.

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What is Live Resin?

What is Live Resin?

What is Live Resin? The legalization of medicinal and recreational Cannabis has brought to light many tricks and techniques that were previously hidden in the shadows as tightly guarded trade secrets. As larger segments of society have begun to accept the medicinal and recreational value of this special plant, so too has it begun to get a more comprehensive glimpse of the science of cannabis.


The vibrant and burgeoning cannabis industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the last decade in this new climate of acceptance and entrepreneurship. New methods of consumption have been developed as the technology advanced ( vaping, dabbing, beverages) In concert with these new methods of consumption amazing new products have risen to the fore ( c02 oil, rosin, diamonds etc)

Now at the cutting edge of technological and scientific advancements in the industry, a new product has emerged…That product is Live Resin!


But what is Live Resin? How is it made? How does it relate to other concentrates like shatter, rosin and bubble hash and how can you ingest it. In this blog, Canada Wide Weed will get the bottom of the question: What is Live Resin?


Live Resin is a concentrate just like Rosin, Pheonix Tears and C02 Oil, that has substantially more Terpenes then other Cannabis products. Terpenes are essentially the oils produced by the Cannabis plant that give each strain its signature taste and smell. They’re produced by the same glads as the cannabinoids like THC, CBD, CBG so theirs all sorts of beautiful crystals the plant produces.


To date over 100 terpenes have been identified, just like fingerprints, each one is different and as you become more familiar with the scents you’ll notice they tend to signify certain characteristics that given stain will exhibit. Some common examples of Terpenes found in Cannabis are:

  • Limonene
  • Myrcene
  • Alpha-Pinene
  • Beta-Pinene
  • Delta 3 Carene
  • Alpha Bisabolol
  • Linalool
  • Borneol
  • Caryophyllene
  • Eucalyptol
  • Terpineol
  • Cineole


Each one is different and as you become more familiar with the scents you’ll notice they tend to signify certain characteristics that given stain will exhibit. For instance, Limonene of often present in high concentrations in energetic and euphoric strains like Super Silver Haze, whereas Morecene is often present in more medicinal strains like Rock Star.

How is Live Resin Made?

Live Resin is extracted from fresh or flash-frozen Cannabis right after harvesting the plant material. That’s where the ” Live ” part of the name comes from. In general, concentrates are all made from Weed that’s been harvested, dried and cured normally. Just like the buds you would roll a joint with. Because Live Resin is produced without that doing process the resulting concentrate is able to capture the terpene profile and other compounds more accurately. The result is a bouquet of aromas and flavours and medicinal effects you’ll of never experienced with more typical extractions. If you’ve ever smelled a live Cannabis plant you’ll know just how intoxicating those aromas can be. awards the end of the flowering cycle I’ll spend house with my mature plants truly just appreciating how beautiful and impressive they are in every dimension.


Live Resin cannot be made at home without very specialized equipment. Whereas concentrates like Phoenix Tears only require basic equipment, safety precautions and large amounts of weed, Live Resin requires very specialized and often dangerous equipment that’s operated under high pressure, and this type of process should be left to people that know what they’re doing. I’ve heard stories of high-pressure tubes flying off high end closed loop extractors and nearly killing the tech that had the bad luck of being in the room at the time.

For Live Resin, the closed-loop extractors work by introducing the solvent ( c02, butane, isopropyl alcohol) under deep pressure then massively cooling it dow- like to cryogenic temperature levels of – 30 to -50 Celsius  ( think Austin Powers). The cold liquid solvent is then passed through the fresh frozen cannabis material in the chamber, its here that the solvent bonds with the terpenes, cannabinoids and other compounds and extracts hem from the plant material and fibres.

The solvent now contains all of the desirable compounds that we want to enjoy. From here it passes to the de-wax chamber that will remove all of the fats, lipids and wax. These are important to remove before human consumption and you definitely don’t want to be inhaling them.

Finally, the solvent is purged/boiled off. When that process is complete you’re left with a concentrated oil filled with Cannabinoids and delicious aromatic and medicinal terpenes.

The solvent then returns to the storage chamber where its ready for the next extraction ( hence the closed-loop)

Live Resin vs Shatter


By this point, most cannabis consumers are at least vaguely familiar with Shatter and its intense, concentrated effects. I took my first dab slightly after high school graduation. Living out in the Suburbs my friends and decided to venture into the big city on a warm summer day. We were visiting the great seed and head shops of queen west and by chance stumbled into a head shop with a new invention ( to us ) primed and ready to go on the counter. After a friendly chat with the owner and going over our big plans for the day he offered a hit off his new ” Rig” To this day all I can recall was taking my hit and then having to sit on the floor of the shop for what seemed like an eternity, the owners two Rottweilers kept me company as I sat there, in a complete Haze. Shatter and Rosin have been some of the most potent concentrates diehard consumers have been able to access for the last decade. At this point, the pros are able to extract 100% Cannabinoid concentrates using specialized methods.

The main difference between Live Resin and Shatter is that with Live Resin, the intention is to preserve as many of those unadulterated terpenes as possible so you can really savour their delicate aromas and flavours. As a result, the concentration of Cannabinoids won’t be quite as high, but still strong enough for all but the most diehard Dab Heads. We’re generally seeing THC concentrations around the 75% mark with around 9 % Terpenes.


How to smoke Live Resin

The best way to truly enjoy Live Resin is using specialized tools like Dab Rigs and multi-function vaporizers. You could also add it to a joint or on top of a bong but you’re not really going to enjoy all the incredible flavours that way, and as I just mentioned, with Live Resin, it’s all about the aromas and flavours.


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How to roll a joint?

Blue Monkey Pre Rolled Joint

How to roll a joint?


Learning how to roll a joint is absolutely a right of passage for all cannabis smokers. These days with the multitudes of devices and methods to ingest Cannabis, one of the most practical, economical and satisfying ways to get high still starts with your own two hands. It’s easy to get lulled into the convenience that technology and mass production afford, but when the chips are down and it’s just you, a bud and a paper, Canada Wide Weed‘s here to get you from zero to hero lickity spliff.

J’s, L’s, pre-rolled cones, jive sticks, blunts, reefers; there are endless names for these little handmade creations but at the end of the day, they all lead to the same destination ( hopefully) ie You enjoying the end result of a lovingly grown and expertly cured bud. Weed that is too wet often leads to uneven or stalled burning. Generally speaking, you’ll want your Cannabis to be on the dryer side of the equation when you’re rolling up, but like anything you can take that idea too far and end up with tasteless un-nuanced smoke that loses a lot of a given strains desired qualities. That’s been one of the major downfalls that discerning consumers have noticed when sampling buds from the Mega-Sized Licensed Canadian Producers. Dry tasteless nugs that disintegrate into dust while attempting to break them up. Dealing with more experienced small-batch growers that work in smaller quantities of lovingly grown Organic Cannabis gives us here at Canada Wide Weed a distinct advantage and saves you from that dusty ass carbon-dated Kush.


How To Roll A Joint – Step 1

Break up the Weed

Place you well cured and de-stemmed nugs into a grinder, carefully break up with your fingers, or another great method is to place the bud into a shot glass and snip it up with scissors. Whatever method you choose make sure to break it down to a semi-fine consistency and don’t leave any large chunks. Those have a tendency to cause uneven burning or as it sometimes called ” canoeing ” * Hot Tip, if you ever encounter this problem a quick dab of saliva or water from your finger on the side that is burning too quickly will even out the burn rate.


How to Rolla Joint – Step 2

Make a “Crutch” or Filter or Tip.

Whatever you want to call it most people prefer to have a small piece of cardboard or thick paper as the mouthpiece of the joint, it:

1. Prevents having soggy, sloppy, clogging cigarette ends.
2. Conserves your cannabis, no wasted ends.
3. Strengthens your joint and gives if better shape.
4.Prevents weed from going into your mouth (no “PAH-TEWing”)


Simply cut a piece of card stock about 4 cm X 1.5 cm and roll it tightly onto itself. When you set it on the paper the natural springiness of the cards stock will open up air spaces in your ” filter” so that smoke will go through but ground bud will not. Place your newly created or pre-made filter lengthwise at the end of your paper. Most people prefer rolling with the filter towards their less dominant hand.

How to Roll a Joint –  Step 3

Place Weed on Paper

Place your broken up weed evenly along the centre of the paper. I tend to place more weed towards the end and less towards the filter which will naturally make a bit of a cone shape. Figuring out how much a certain paper can hold will take a bit of trial and error. If there’s too much weed and you have to overly compress it to get it rolled, it’s going to be hard to get a good drag and keep it burning. There needs to be the right amount of airflow but no big gaps. Uniformity is the key to success in joint rolling.


How to Roll a Joint – Step 4

Forming the Joint

Now you have a paper with a filter at one end and a food amount of weed down the centre. Using your dominant hand, pinch the top and bottom of the paper together using your thumb and pointer finger. Pick this little parcel up and set it in the cradle between your thumb and middle finger of the opposite hand. Now grab the other end the same way so you’re holding the joint between your thumbs and middle fingers of both hands. Begin to slowly form and roll the cylindrical shape of the joint. Your middle fingers should basically be touching at the midway point of the joint. The middle fingers act as a base while your thumbs roll and form the cylinder. As it forms you can work the weed towards the bottom ( thumb side of the paper) so that you can have excess paper at the top where the sticky portion of the paper is. At this point, you should have a uniform cylinder or tapered cone with no air gaps.


How to Roll a Joint – Step 5

Seal the Joint

Now lick the sticky strip of the paper and using your thumbs and middle fingers wrap the excess top sticky paper around the formed section. While you’re sealing the sticky end pay close attention to the filter. You’ll want to ensure an especially tight seal around the filter so it doesn’t fall out.


How to Roll a Joint – Step 6

Finish the Joint

At this point, one end in the joint will be open. Pinch the excess paper together and twist with your fingers making a small paper ” wick “. If you’re going to save a bunch for later its best to store them like this so they don’t fall apart.  But once you’re ready to smoke it…If you have scissors or a sharp knife, cut this off, otherwise using your lighter slowly burn it away. Once the wick is cut or burned to a small tip its time to smoke that joint! Place it in your lips and slowly drag/puff without inhaling until the tip is completely gone. The paper wick/tip is not as pleasant to inhale. If you’d prefer to not swap saliva with someone you can hold the filter of the joint in the tips of fingers creating a seal, then pressing your lips to your fingers. You’ll notice as you get towards the filter the smoke will feel a bit thick and start to get harsh right near the end, the key is to stop smoking for the card stock starts burning.

How to roll a joint without a filter?

Sometimes when you want to know ” How to Roll a Joint?” You may be dealing with the bare minimum of supplies. A bud, a paper and a magnifying glass or flintstone. I’ve rolled a ton of joints this way and it just takes a bit more finesse to make sure its tight enough at the tip that you won’t be inhaling little pieces of weed and yet loose enough that the joint still burns well. My previous tip of using a tapered design with less weed towards the mouth end applies here. It also helps to use a bit of a cone technique. As you’re rolling you’ll want to begin wrapping the mouth end first then finish with the lighting end.

How to roll a blunt

If you’ve ever listened to hip hop music or are even vaguely aware of the culture you’ve surely heard the term ” blunt ” before. So how do you roll one of these tasty creations? Well, there are just a couple extra steps beyond: How to the Roll a Joint? section.

Step 1: Buy Cigarello or special Blunt wrap

Traditionally you would buy a pre-rolled cigarillo from the corner store.

Step 2: Rip it.

Remove the plastic wrap from the cigarillo, if it has a plastic tip, rip that off too.

Step 3: Cut it.

Slice lengthwise down the middle of the cigarillo. Empty the contents in the garbage. (I’ve never known anyone to reserve this tobacco) Using the tobacco leaf shell that you’re left with you’ll…

Step 3: Pack it

Place your broken up weed along the length of the blunt paper. One advantage of rolling with blunt paper is that it’s thicker and therefore easier to work with for novices.

Step 4: Roll it

Follow the steps of ” How to Roll A Joint ” generally because the blunt wrap is thicker, blunt rollers won’t use a filter and instead just leave a bit of space on the mouth end.

Step 5: Stick it.

If you’re working from an emptied cigarillo you won’t have the benefit of a sticky section of paper, but fear not, using lots of saliva on the upper portion of the wrap will help create a nice tight seal. Blunt rollers definitely end up getting a bit more intimate with the paper…

Smoke it.

The tobacco leaf ” paper” itself has quite a bit of flavour and this can be beneficial to cover up off flavours of cheap weed, but may overwhelm some of the fine delicate nuances of connoisseur grade cannabis.


 How to Roll a Joint – How to roll a cross joint

Step 1

Start off by rolling up two joints. One should be much bigger ( 3 or 4 or times the size of the smaller one.) The smaller joint should be rolled with two ends ( as both will be lit)


Step 2

Take a pin or paper clip and start boring a hole through the centre of the large joint. It just needs to be large enough that the small joint can snuggly fit through it.


Step 3

Poke a small hole through the middle of the small joint. This will allow smoke to pass through the length of the large joint, while also drawing from the two ends of the cross.


Step 4

Slide the smaller joint through the large hole and while making sure the tiny hole in the small joint is properly lined up in the centre and facing down the length of the large joint.


Step 5

Tear sticky gum strip off of a paper, wet it, then use it to wrap around the middle connections so it’s airtight.


Enjoy your Cross Joint! Share with friends, its a classic party trick and a staple of any good Easter celebration. There are lots of other variations of this concept but the cross is a great starting point.

How to Roll a Joint?

How to roll a joint easy

We’ve run through the gamut and really got into the weeds of : How to Roll a Joint? But to finish off we’ll get right to the quick and dirty method of How the Roll a Joint Easy. Often you won’t have all the tools to roll a joint the ideal way. When I think back, the majority of the joints I’ve rolled have been in less than ideal circumstances. No fancy grinders, no RAW hemp papers or scissors and at the most desperate of times no proper papers at all! In this section, I’ll explain: How to Roll a Joint Easy.


Step 1

Break up the weed as fine as possible with your bare hands. Take off rally small flakes of bud and make sure its as consistent as possible.

Step 2

Assuming you at least have a rolling paper, cradle it between the thumb and middle finger of your less dominant hand. Using your other hand, deposit the broken up cannabis into the paper. If you don’t have a proper rolling paper, other thin types of paper will suffice although I can’t vouch to how well those other options will burn. (Try for something without ink and use lots of saliva to make it seal)

Step 3

Begin to slowly form and roll the cylindrical shape of the joint. Your middle fingers should basically be touching at the midway point of the joint. The middle fingers act as a base while your thumbs roll and form the cylinder. As it forms you can work the weed towards the bottom ( thumb side of the paper) so that you can have excess paper at the top where the sticky portion of the paper is.

Step 4

Now lick the sticky strip of the paper ( or if there’s no sticky strip use lots of saliva so it’ll seal) and using your thumbs and middle fingers wrap the excess top sticky paper around the formed section. Keep the mouth side rolled tight so no bits of weed get in your mouth.

Step 5

Twist the other end up and light it, you’ve now figured out: How to Roll a Joint Easy.





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How much is 1 gram of weed?

Hindu Kush pre rolled joint

How much is 1 gram of weed?

How much is 1 gram of weed? For new users looking to purchase their first gram, 1/8th, 1/4 or more, we here at Canada Wide Weed wrote this quick summary to get you up to speed and into some top quality weed. There are many factors to consider, but in general, 1 gram of weed will range in price from $5 – $15 online in Canada. The main factors that determine how much 1 gram of weed costs are:


Strains are essentially different breeds of cannabis that have been developed over the years to highlight certain effects, growing patterns, medicinal compounds, and pest/mould resistance, etc. It’s basically become an arms race to innovate and breed the top tier of Cannabis genetics. Strains that are on the lower end of the price range generally grow the easiest, are resistant to pests/mould and finish flowering the fastest. (Plants that can easily be grown outdoors in Canada are also generally in the low tier price range because they can be cultivated in massive mind-blowing quantities). Conversely, at the high end of the price range, we find the cutting edge of newly bred genetics, exotic flavours, mind-blowing effects, perfect balance; and strains that aren’t possible to easily grow outdoors in the north.


One of the main goals in cannabis breeding innovation has been to produce strains with the highest percentage of active compounds. Over the last couple of decades, the focus has been strains with massive amounts of THC and more recently strains containing high amounts of CBD. These are just 2 of nearly 100 Cannabinoids that have been found in Cannabis plants. As the unstoppable wave of legalization moves forward, more research will be conducted to unlock the secrets of this incredible plant!


Not all buds are created equal. Experienced growers are able to hone in on the precise needs of a given strain and coax out all of their respective attributes. Producers working in smaller batches are able to stay on top of quality control and don’t have to resort to excessive use of pesticides and fungicides like those massive greenhouse operations of late. How much a gram costs largely depends on the skills of the grower and their eye for quality. Here at Canada Wide Weed, our buyer has over 20 years of experience purchasing Cannabis from some of the top growers in North America.

 Organic VS Artificial


Although great results can come from both methods of growing, here at Canada Wide Weed, we’re particularly fond of Organically grown Cannabis. To pull it off in large amounts requires a bit more planning and a more thoughtful system than an artificially grown product, but the effort pays off. How much is 1 gram of Weed? if you’re looking at organic products prepare to pay a little more generally.


Bag Appeal

Cannabis can be well grown, perfectly cured and rich with cannabinoids and terpenes but the last factor to look at when asking ” How much is 1 gram of weed? is bag appeal. The best buds come from the tops and they’re also the richest with Cannabinoids. Color, size and glistening trichomes are what you’ll want to see in a top-shelf bud. Ask people from 20 years ago and they can probably recall ” brick weed”, which was homogenous brown masses of ditch weed from Mexico. We’ve come a long way.

What does 1 gram of weed look like?

It depends, factors like strain, quality and whether its a top or bottom bud must be taken into account but generally, 1 Gram will cover the same tablespace as two loonies side by side.

1 gram of weed, how many joints?


1 gram of weed will roll you  4 small Joints ( pinners ), 2 regular sized joints ( 1 inch cones ), or 1 big Joint!  ( full-sized cone)