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  • What is full spectrum cannabis?

    Introduction We carry a lot of full spectrum cannabis products here at Canada Wide Weed. So naturally, we often get asked what is full spectrum cannabis? We have to admit it’s easy to get confused with all these new buzz words in our industry. Just what exactly is the difference between full spectrum cannabis and …

  • Why organic cannabis is better.

    Organic cannabis just happens to be our #1 passion here at Canada Wide Weed. We started growing medicinal cannabis in the early 2000’s and like most people started their journey in the hydroponic shops. These stores were and still are to this the prime supply stores for cannabis growers. When we started growing, you really …

  • Medical Cannabis for Depression in Canada

    What is depression?  Before using cannabis for depression in Canada, we must first figure out what depression is.  People can definitely feel sad from time to time.  Life is certainly not about being happy all the time, nor should anyone expect it to be that way.  If you find yourself permanently feeling down or having …

  • Is my Cannabis Good Quality?

    Is my Cannabis Good Quality The reality of purchasing online Cannabis is not always sunny and you could end up spending your hard-earned money on low quality Cannabis that turns out to be worse than you could ever imagine. If you want to avoid buying a bad product, it’s important to become an expert at …

  • treat depression with cannabis

    THC and THCA – Whats the difference?

    THCA has been compared to THC, but should be seen as the precursor to THC. While it’s easy to get the two confused, it’s important to know they produce very different effects when consumed. THCA, or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, is a tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) precursor that’s been treated as an inactive cannabis compound. Although most cannabis research studies have focused mainly on …

  • Cannabis and Depression

    Cannabis Prohibition and Racism.

    Cannabis Prohibition and Racism   Cannabis Prohibition and racism has a long, and complicated history. To say the least. Not only is it deeply rooted in racism, it has had a direct connection to the state of our world as it relates to climate change, deforestation, and the overall raping of our natural resources. The …

  • first time smoking cannabis

    First Time Smoking Cannabis?

    When I first tried smoking Cannabis…   I remember my first time smoking Cannabis like it like it was yesterday… a new girl had moved into town. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, but when you’re one of only 2 teenaged girls in a town with a population of 250, your friend group doubling …

  • Cannabis Entourage Effect

    The Cannabis Entourage Effect, and Terpenes

    The Cannabis Entourage Effect, Terpenes, and their beautiful relationship.   Many people have written and know about terpenes, and the Cannabis Entourage Effect throughout the ages. It is said that a 10th century Persian Emperor knew a secret about how eating lemons could help you come down from smoking too much. We’re pretty sure he didn’t …

  • why do eyes get red cannabis

    Why do eyes get red from Cannabis?

    One of the telltale signs that someone has used cannabis is red eyes.  Visine has made a fortune due to red eyes.  It is one of the 1st side effects that new cannabis smokers notice.  The question is why does this happen? Although it can be a little irritating to have bloodshot eyes many people …

  • How cannabis can help manage stress and anxiety

    New study by Washington State University tries to illuminate the science of what we already know 🙂  Cannabis can really help with stress! These wicked smart scientists that study things published their work in the  Journal of Affective Disorders  They found out, *suprise, surprise*  that using cannabis can significantly reduce short-term levels of depression, anxiety, …

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