Organic Shazam AA+ $99 oz canada 18% THC

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The best $99 Ounce Free Shipping Canada you can possibly find online! This isn’t just a bag of shake and leaves like other places sell for $99 bucks. We understand that most people out there are looking for the biggest bang for their buck.  If your looking for the most amount of quality, clean, organic medicine this is the strain for you.  You simply can’t beat the price when it comes to a $99 ounce with free shipping.

Organic Shazam sativa – greenhouse-grown best deal online!

Our Organic Shazam is back fresh from our friend’s greenhouse in the interior of BC.  This is a great strain for those that love the smoothness and good vibes of an outdoor grow.  It also is a good choice for those that like to consume lots of cannabis and are looking for a good value.  Shazam is a strain that was bred in British Columbia specifically for our climate.  The linage on this one is a bit of a mystery, but she stretches to the sky with long finger-like buds.  It is the shape of most classic sativas from the more southern regions.  Our organic Shazam provides an uplifting, positive vibe with great mental alertness.  She eases you into a calming, relaxed body high as she finishes.  This is a great strain for daytime, helps with the minutia of daily tasks.  We love that you can focus with this herb.
The buds on this one are fairly medium density with a robust green hue.  She is a sweet-smelling strain with lemony accents.  We just got test results back on this one and it came in at 17% THC.  Here are some more of the Organic Shazam characteristics, the best $99 ounce with free shipping in Canada:
  • 17% THC

As per usual, you can also get our Organic Shazam Strain shipped anywhere in Canada! Our shipping is usually 2-3 days via Xpresspost.  Get great cannabis shipped right to your door!  What a great time to be alive!

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5 reviews for Organic Shazam AA+ $99 oz canada 18% THC

  1. stefkolo (verified owner)

    It look’s like there were 2 different sorts in my bag. This weed is similar to the cheap hybrid weed. It has a very slight high effect. It Does not burned well. The taste is ok

  2. matthew013williams

    Tried it for the price, I would say it’s worth it. I found it burnt fine and was pretty smooth. Def has an earthy taste to it. Doesn’t leave me stupid and confused like some of the stronger stuff, was able to function and get work done at home. Was certainly a sativa kick, didn’t burn me out.

  3. _solo1_

    A bit leafy, but a smooth, sweet smoke. Surprisingly potent for an AA sativa, esp at $99 an Oz. No crazy munchies either. Giving it a five-star for exceeding expectations.

  4. meowky (verified owner)

    Great name, for the price, it’s worth buying!
    Not too strong but a pleasant buzz.

  5. Ronnie (verified owner)

    Man i really like this stuff , it smells nice , taste sweet , burns clean , no throat burn and absolutely no cough . Its a nice even buzz with no peaks and valleys – great daytimer or in my 57 yr old mind – its a great anytimer. I toke to stay happy and be creative i guess and mainly to just deal with the little piles of shit we deal with everyday. This strain will keep you focused , happy and not couchlocked , will definitely buy again.

    • admin

      Thanks Ronnie! this review made us laugh. Glad you liked the shazam.

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