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Skywalker Weed Strain (organic)

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The Skywalker weed strain is a potent indica-dominant hybrid strain that takes the heavy hitting OG Kush and it’s notorious couch lock and teams it up with the jet fuel power of Sour Diesel.  These two classic strains make for one of the most potent hybrid strains we have seen.   The feeling is instant and is much like a rocket getting launched into space.  The comedown of the ride has the pleasant indica feelings that any powerful Kush strain will provide.  One of our best sellers on CWW.

The skywalker weed strain is exotic and one of the best hybrid weed strains in Canada.

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7 reviews for Skywalker Weed Strain (organic)

  1. freebird420

    The Skywalker is sooo heavy hitting. I only needed a few puffs off a joint, and I was blasted into outer space.
    I bought this strain to help me sleep, and while it didn’t make me sleepy right away, I did end up having the best sleep ever, after I did fall asleep.

  2. gamover

    Love this strain, helps a great deal with my pain, anxiety and focus.

  3. M.D.B

    Amazing euphoria. Epiphany level medication. Intense creativity and blissful body floating feeling. Easy to sleep and easy to rise. My favorite strain from CWW.

  4. Wade33

    Just tried this strain for the 1st tume. I am impressed. I had heard of it before but have never found it. The high is great and long lasting. It makes me want to find the Skywalker strain itself which is Blueberry and Mazar I Sharif. That sounds pretty good.

  5. 7luvio

    Perfect hybrid strain, gets you ripped. Always consistent, been buying this for years off these guys.

  6. _solo1_ (verified owner)

    This is the finest quality Skywalker I have ever had. A true AAAA. Kudos to CWW. What a difference organic makes. Lots of vapour. You might want to go easy at first, she’s a creeper and very powerful 🙂

  7. mikerogersonmusic

    This is my go-to when making music.

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