Coma Cone

Coma Cone

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Coma Cone is our best selling pre-roll.  It is a deadly combination of Cali Orange organic bud, blonde bubble hash, rolled in an organic 1.25″ cone.  We then paint a layer of co2 oil by Cannatek on the outside of the joint.  This allows us to then roll the joint in organic kief.  The combination lives up to it’s name.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Coma Cone is our own invention here at CWW.  Don’t settle for cheap imitations that use floor sweepings or trim.  Most oil joints use butane extract, that is just nasty!  We use pure Co2 oil.  All the ingredients are organic!

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10 reviews for Coma Cone

  1. dannymcdonold1979 (verified owner)

    I Loved it will order it again on my next order…

  2. Sam H

    Fuck this thing knocked me out. I work from home, and have a lot of anxiety around sleep. I’m a heavy smoker who usually dabs before bed, but could only handle half of this doobie.

  3. craftycuts

    This thing turns you into a zombie. Nothing quite like it! Burns really slow. Lots of oil coated on the joint. Nice thick smoke.

  4. maddie.phillips94 (verified owner)

    New favourite thing in my world right now! Lol but honestly I love these so much. I’ve been busier than usual lately so having a pre roll that is SO FRICKEN STRONG is so perfect ?❤️

  5. thelocal

    the name says it all – f@cking devastating – I don’t think I’ve ever been able to finish one in one sitting

  6. stickyickybuds420

    What an incredible idea. I’ll be getting these again, for sure. Never been so baked.

  7. theNewNirvana

    Incredibly strong. Tastes like the oil they use is really clean…not gross and gassy like some oil is. The keef crystal on the outside gives it a really fresh taste on top of the heavy oil smoke. I love it.

  8. capuni

    F@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@K so intense!! And surprisingly to me, tastes amazing!

  9. sophiatheairobot

    I’ve been smoking for over 25 years now… quite heavily… and last night I tried one of these for the first time…wow. I was high school kid stoned! Literally woke up covered in Cinnamon Toast Crunch and the classic Netflix ‘are you still there’? I will definitely buy again, but probably only blaze half at a time from now on!

  10. Strawberry Fields

    I got 2/3 of the way in to this thing and passed out and missed the 2nd half of the raptors game 3! God damn these are amazing! I’ll plan my shit better next time though, lol!

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