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Coma Cone canada wide weed

The Coma Cone


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World famous Coma Cone:

Accept no substitutes! The Coma Cone is our very own creation here at Canada Wide Weed.  Often replicated but never duplicated.  Many people make similar joints, however they use inferior ingredients.

This is the strongest joint you will find in Canada.  This ultra premium joint is a fantastic combination of all the craft cannabis products you love!  The coma cone packs a serious punch and thats because its combination of amazing ingredients!

The Coma Cone info:

The Coma Cone is a world famous pre rolled joint that has turned more people into zombies than hollywood B movies.  You will love your new found break from reality.  Not advised if you have anything to do.  Pronounced waves of eurphoria and giggles are known to break out.  You can take a few puffs and put it out for later use.  If your looking for the next level in your pre rolled joint experience this is the product for you.

Check out what the mayo clinic has to say about Coma

It is important to do research on your future condition! Please proceed with caution.  Many have been layed out for an entire day because of these wonderful creations!

We are dedicated to creating the finest craft cannabis products in all of Canada.

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