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Rosin is made generally on a press.  If you take kief or bubble hash that has been freshly made you can get live rosin.  Some people ask, what is it? You can make your own DIY press for cheap.  When you smoke it vs. Shatter is an interesting topic, we find Rosin to be the winner of that battle.  It is simply the purest cannabis concentrate.  How to smoke? Take a dab tool and get it off of your rosin paper.  How do you make it? You can do that with a curling iron or a fancy tech press.  You have to figure out whether you want to make rosin vs. resin.  You can also do a 2nd press of the cannabis or weed.  You should be looking for the best yielding strains for rosin and find your bud to concentrate ration.  If you do all that then you have to figure out of to consume the concentrate.

This product can be shipped discretely in the mail.  We ship all over Canada and offer the fastest way for you to get your concentrates directly to your door.

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