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Cannabis Hybrid

Cannabis Hybrid is very much a blanket term these days for the fact that so many people have breed Cannabis is so many ways.  It’s really hard to say how many Cannabis strains are in the world right now, but our guess would be 10’s of thousands.  Breeding cannabis is very much like breeding in the rest of nature.  You sex a male and female and your going to get a child with characteristics of both parents.  Because the majority of cannabis strains out there are “hybrids” people tend to classify them as Indica dominant or Sativa dominant.  Here at CWW, we like to place strains that fall right in the middle of the spectrum into the Hybrid category.

Effects of Cannabis Hybrid

Because these strains are in the middle they tend to have characteristics of both Indica and Sativa.  Some people only want the heaviest indica we carry as they are looking for pain relief or they suffer from insomnia and want something that will help them sleep.  Some people have low energy or suffer from depression and need almost a pure sativa to keep them uplifted.  Hybrids are great when you want the best of both, not to up and not to down. You will find with hybrids that there will be varying degrees of effects.  These are subtle nuances that make something relaxing but not draining, or perhaps stimulating but not overwhelming.  Think of drinking coffee.  Perhaps a pure sativa is like taking a few shots of espresso and a hybrid is like slowly sipping on a cup of drip coffee.  It’s a similar effect, but the espresso is going to have a quicker onset and generally could make you feel a bit more jittery if too much is consumed too fast.



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