Organic Pineapple Crush Strain AAAA

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Pineapple Crush strain is a sativa dominant local BC strain. It’s big and bushy buds give off sweet notes of orange and pineapple. She is a great daytime strain that allows the mind the wander and the body to relax.

Pineapple Crush is a high THC sativa that provides many benefits.  It is one of the best sativa strains for energy available in 2019.   A lot of us are suffering from fatigue. This high energy sativa is the marijuana equivalent to a cup of coffee.  It’s a great strain to get up and going.

The lineage of the strain can be read about above.

Organically grown in Squamish BC.

Earn up to 140 Points.

4 reviews for Organic Pineapple Crush Strain AAAA

  1. RogKlarvin

    it may be one of the cheaper sativas on this site, but I love it! Tastes like a fruity candy…really nice. Awesome for hot, sunny days. I find the buds fluff up nice and make it easy to roll joints too.

  2. KP52

    This is pretty good sativa for the price. I would say the blue dream is 5 star and def worth the money, but this is pretty close.

  3. warrensullivan17

    So tasty. Nice, alert high. Very functional. A nice foil to the MK Ultra I got in the same order. Pretty strong, but would say the trainwreck or blue dream is stronger.

  4. Steve Davidson

    Really enjoyed the buzz this gave me. The effects were mostly cerebral and generally uplifting. I was able to concentrate and be productive. I found the body effects to be minimal which is great for daytime use. I enjoyed the tropical taste and smell as well.”

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