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Living Soil Organic Cannabis

Many of you ask us what makes our cannabis organic?  We utilize a very tight knit group of master growers that grow our AAAA craft cannabis selections.  Because we are a boutique site we don’t source our cannabis from a bunch of random vendors.  We also don’t just buy it from other sites and repackage it either.  Our focus since starting this company has been to source as much organic craft cannabis as possible.  This is something that is notably missing from the legalized recreational market.  So what does organic entail?

    • this means that no chemical pesticides were sprayed during the lifecycle of the cannabis.   Anything used on the cannabis is OMRI certified for organic farming practices.  There are many natural products that can be used to great affect to replace commonplace products such as Bug B Gone or Raid.  These include rosemary oil, lemon juice, clove oil, cinnamon and organic milk just to name a few.  All the actual products used on the plant are also certified organic.
    • this is a term that refers to growing cannabis is actual soil mixes with living organic materials and nutrients.  Usually this entails a mixture of various composts, garden soil and things such as peat moss.  Often times growers add earthworms to break up the soil as well as help fertilize as well.
      • Most of the nutrients you find in traditional gardening are not organic (ie Miracle Grow).  Most people that grow in cities tend to not want to deal with dirt in indoor environments.  This leads them to grow in Rockwool and other artificial grow mediums.  Many people use synthetic nutrients to make the cannabis produce more crystals or make the buds bigger.   Our organic cannabis uses none of these products and relies solely on Certified Organic nutrients.
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