Organic Platinum Bubba Kush AAAA 29% THC

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Organic Platinum Bubba Kush

Most of the fun of curating this website is hunting down these classic AAAA strains.  We make sure that we find the finest examples of our favourite strains on the market.  This organic Platinum Bubba Kush is such a gem.  We are constantly asked, “what’s your strongest indica?” Well, this is it.  This is the one that knocks you straight onto the couch.

This beauty is some strong medicine.  It is great for relaxation, pain relief, insomnia and appetite stimulation.  She is a long-lasting “creeper” strain that may take a few minutes to fully kick in, but the effects last for hours.  This is another strain that found its way north from California.  She is a cross between Platinum OG Kush and Bubba Kush.

This organic Platinum Bubba Kush is a long time favourite and is by far our best selling Indica.

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16 reviews for Organic Platinum Bubba Kush AAAA 29% THC

  1. G. Williams

    This is my absolute go to for the KO punch! Amazing flavour and always potent.

  2. mjbuonomo91 (verified owner)

    TOP NOTCH!!! 😀

  3. _solo1_

    In a word: Whoa.
    Lifetime Bubba Kush fan here. So when I saw CWW offering Platinum BK, I was compelled to give it a try.
    Perfectly cured super dank bud with that signature Bubba aroma: Lemon, skunk, spicy, pine. Notes of menthol when vaped, which was very unique. Could not finish a normal session it was so potent. Amazing couch lock. Body feels like it’s in a hot tub. Lovely day at the spa. LOL. Effects last for hours. AAAA rating for sure. Gonna order more.

  4. stefkolo

    Perfekt for a chill day 😉
    And for sleep also good.
    This strain is so beautiful and so amazing!
    I love it

  5. epfourd

    This is an incredible example of this strain…so tasty, and a smooth, deep high – Indica at it’s finest.

  6. Great outdoor (verified owner)

    Another exquisite strain that is brought by CWW team.

    Very long lasting , slow starting intense effects.

    Will satisfy everyday users, may be overwhelming for rookies.

  7. atvarpabla

    The website description is accurate when it says ‘knockout punch indica’… wow… potent!!! Absolutely the vibe I am after when smoking indica…mellow…relaxing… and the nose on this is incredible! I love to mix it up, but I will be buying this one again, for sure.

  8. Owen HP (verified owner)

    Other reviews on here are super on point… this stuff hits you hard!!! I’ll be a return customer of this strain, for sure!!!

  9. siskothekid (verified owner)

    CWW team knocks it out of the park again! GET SOME.

  10. MGB420 (verified owner)

    This is serious stuff! Some of the strongest weed I have ever had. It really took me by surprise and knocked the living crap out of me, in a good freakin way. WOW! I vaped it in a Crafty +, the taste was surprisingly great and the amount of vapour that comes out is insane. I’m definitely getting more of this stuff!

  11. Pencilvester (verified owner)

    One of the strongest strains I’ve tried. My go-to if I want to put myself in a couch-locked slumber for the evening. Comes on gradual, but hits hard when it does. Spend the extra cash and grab this strain, it’s well worth the money whether you’re a connoisseur of indicas or not. There’s a reason this stuff sells out fast. Will buy over and over again.

  12. HR (verified owner)

    Stick’y jars and beautiful pistils so is the trichomes coverage

  13. braedenpproductions (verified owner)

    So sticky, so good, don’t plan to do anything. You can’t

  14. Krikky (verified owner)

    Lovely sleepy-time smoke

  15. James Harris (verified owner)

    10/10 high grade no bush! jah rastafari!!

  16. bcgreen (verified owner)

    quality herb..potent indica that will leave you cozy in your brain

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