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New Prohibition Organic CBD Hemp Oil


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Organic CBD Oil Vancouver

New Prohibition Organic CBD Oil Vancouver is 99.9% pure CBD isolate with organic hemp oil as a carrier.  It comes in 500mg, 1000mg and now 2500mg bottles!  Now you can buy high quality CBD oil Vancouver!  CBD oil is a miracle substance.  Many of our CBD suppliers shut down on Oct 17th to apparently try to get a license.  This was extremely bad news for lots of patients across Canada.

We decided we would source our own supply of organic CBD and make our own oil.  It is a crime to not allow access to CBD oil for those who truly need it.  Good for pain, anxiety, depression, and is an anti spastic.    There is no THC in this formula so it won’t get you “high”.  It will just make you feel amazing and calm.

Benefits include:

  • pain relief
  • reduction in anxiety and depression
  • treats inflammation
  • used for treating seizures in children
  • THC free!  Will not get you “high” at all. 

New Prohibition CBD Oil is made with love and with the intention of healing.  If your not familiar with CBD Oil and its benefits, click here for a quick summary

This CBD oil is one of the best selling products we have here at Canada Wide Weed.  We used to deal with bigger companies that all shut down during legalization in hopes of getting a license.  Meanwhile, a lot of patients had to worry about how to access a steady supply of CBD oil.  We created New Prohibition CBD Oil as a way to maintain that access.

We are proud to be able to source lab tested pure 99.9% CBD oil.  We use only the best ingredients available.  We use organic hemp oil as a carrier oil.  It gives our CBD oil a clear consistency and a “nutty” flavour to it.  We prefer the natural flavour of hemp oil as opposed to artificial flavours that other companies use.  We truly believe this is the best Organic CBD oil Vancouver has to offer.


Your oil should be stored in a relatively cool dark place.  A cabinet is generally perfect.  Recommended temp is 15-21 degrees Celsius  (60-70 Fahrenheit.) These temperatures keep the viscosity of the CBD oil at usable levels and prevents degradation of the cannabinoids.

The Avery age shelf life of your CBD Oil is 14 – 24 months.  This also depends on how you store it, as light will tend to degrade the cannabinoids.


To take CBD oil place the drops under your tongue, hold it there for 60 seconds and then swallow. With this product, the CBD is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream through the surfaces of your tongue and mouth.

Our sublingual drops take about 15 minutes for you to start feeling the effects of the CBD.  The effects usually last 4-6 hours.  

Our New Prohibition Organic CBD Oil Vancouver is 0% THC (therefore it will not get you “high”


  • relaxation of the nervous system
  • calming of anxiety
  • reduction of inflammation
  • mild pain relief

Organic CBD Oil Vancouver same day delivery

Are you looking to get CBD oil delivered to your door the same day you order it?  We are here to help you out!  Our average delivery times are 1-2 hours.  We understand that many people who use CBD have mobility issues so home delivery can be quite essential.  Just order and one of our friendly drivers will be there soon!  It’s amazing that we can now get home delivery for CBD Oil Vancouver!

Want to consume this same great high quality CBD in edible form?  Check out New Prohibition CBD Jelly Blocks. 


500mg – $60, 1000mg – $100, 2500mg – $180

  1. maddie.phillips94

    Best cbd I’ve had in my entire life. I recommend it to people constantly.

  2. stefkolo (verified owner)

    This oil is good for my pain. I Use it in the morning and in the evening and I feel good with it. I recommend it

  3. lost_1

    I have never found anything better for anxiety. Way better than taking medications. It just alleviates the symptoms in a matter of minutes with no side effects. So thankful for this.

  4. stevikphoto

    My girlfriend have this and I tried it for my knee pain. It helps me very good and i will still using this in the Future.
    So Thankfully

  5. s_marseille

    Me and this product have a serious bond I don’t know what i’d do without it. It’s a life saver when it comes to me having an anxiety attack. It has the fastest effect than any other CBD products I’ve tried. Love Love this CBD.

  6. _solo1_

    Excellent, long-lasting relief, a real mood-changer. Gentle. No digestive issues or allergic reactions for me (sensitive gut). Expiration date on the bottle would be a plus.

  7. meowky

    Excellent flavour, takes a while to feel the effects, but that’s just my observation.

  8. Richard Lukacs

    Awesome product. I’m taking it for a few weeks now. Great for anxiety and to help fall asleep. Highly recommended!

  9. Clayton S. (verified owner)

    Bought this for my mom and she absolutely loved it.

  10. Rena Tough (verified owner)

    I am happy to say that this product is beginning to have the desired beneficial effects, which are: easing of stress levels , helping sleep quality, easing inflammation, and, glory be, leg cramps have almost said GOODBYE!
    Thank you !!

    • admin (verified owner)

      Thats amazing Rena! Thank you for the feedback. Leg cramps is a new one, glad to hear it’s helping.

  11. Rena Tough (verified owner)

    Have been using the oil for a couple of weeks now and am impressed with how my bod is reacting to it eg: am sleeping better with less joint pain, as well as feeling less stressed during the day. Am also using the salve on achy wrist joints during the day and it is quite soothing. Thank you !!!


  12. alissa afonina (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this and it has helped me quit weed (really helps the withdrawals) as well as a good cure for headaches!

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