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CBD Hemp Oil is a wonderful medicinal product.  There is a lot of hype around CBD these days.  Much of it is vastly unnecessary and a little overblown.  CBD is not snake oil, but it isn’t a magic cure all either.  It is a medicine.  It’s a great medicine for certain ailments.  In terms of treating seizures it is pretty amazing.  If you’ve never seen any of the CBD videos they have out there, here is one about kids and seizures.  You can for sure go down the youtube rabbit hole and find plenty of these videos.  In terms of what CBD does for seizures its a out right miracle.  I have also personally seen the impact it has on people with anxiety. I myself suffer from anxiety and have dealt with panic attacks.  High doses of THC can actually trigger these anxiety attacks.  One of the best things to counteract these anxious feelings is taking CBD.  I personally always have a bottle of CBD when I smoke cannabis.  If I ever get stoned to the point it gives me anxious or paranoid feelings, I take a full dropper of 1000mg CBD (about 33mg dose) and these feelings dissipate for me in 10-15 mins.  Decades of smoking weed and I never knew this was something you could use.  I have suffered through social anxiety that CBD has greatly reduced.  I love cannabis and using it, but often times it could be like russian roulette.  Basically 1 out of every 10 times it would give me an anxiety attack.  CBD Hemp Oil has made that incredibly manageable for me. Now I take it daily as it helps me maintain a level of calm and also helps regulate my sleep cycle.

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