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Space cakes

New Prohibition Space Cakes – 200mg THC


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Blast off with New Prohibition Space Cakes!

New Prohibition is back with more of the highest quality THC edibles on the market. New Prohibition Space Cakes are here and they pack a serious 200 mg dose of premium THC extract into two Space Cakes per pack.

***WARNING*** This product is only for experienced users of THC edibles.

Unlike other THC products, New Prohibition Space Cakes offer experienced users the benefit of prolonged and very pronounced effects, without having to eat multiple bags of weaker dosed edibles. When you ingest THC in edible form, your liver absorbs the compound, which results in an extended-release of THC throughout your body over a lengthened period of time. Conversely using a product like THC Oil administered sublingually will have a quicker onset and last for a shorter duration.

Space Cakes Active Ingredients:

200 mg THC (1oo mg THC per Space Cake, 2 Space Cakes per pack)

Space Cake Non-Active Ingredients:

Sugar, All-Purpose Flour, Cocoa Powder, Chocolate Chips, Eggs, Salt, Coconut Oil, Water, Vanilla Extract, Full Spectrum THC Extract

As with all dietary supplements, consult your doctor if you’re:

Pregnant, nursing, on any medications, have suspected health issues





  1. lemon13 (verified owner)

    These taste great and are nice and strong.

  2. eparks (verified owner)

    Was def in outer space with these bad boys. Frickin delicious brownies.

  3. Aaron Alexander (verified owner)

    Ok these are probably the best thing on the whole site and taste great!

  4. Isabel Iglesias (verified owner)

    So good. Pulled one out at a rave and danced for like 4 hours straight. I have an autoimmune disease that barely lets me get out of bed now it was my last great weekend out. Forgot what planet I was on. 10/10 hell yeah

  5. bcgreen (verified owner)

    really strong buzz felt in the body for a long time after the initial cerebral rush

  6. rogerwaters (verified owner)

    These were great. Strong. Made me feel numb, but comfortably numb.

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