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Indica Edibles

Indica edibles for sleep are the most popular reason people consume edibles.  The most popular form to take them is edible gummies.

What kind of Indica edibles do you sell? 

We sell high quality craft cannabis edibles that are lab tested and maintain consistent quality standards.  Our indica edibles come in the form of gummies, caramels, cookies, brownies, drinks and tinctures.  We curate a selection of edibles from the craft market that the best and often most popular in Canada.  If people don’t like it or it gets bad reviews, we don’t carry it. 

We carry only trusted brands of indica edibles from reputable suppliers.  These include:

  • Twisted Extracts, 
  • Bliss, 
  • New Prohibition, 
  • Cypress Organics, 
  • Far Out 
  • Aloha drinks

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What are the medicinal benefits of indica edibles? 

Improve sleep quality with indica Edibles.

Indica strains are known for their relaxing and sedative effects.  One of the biggest issues plaguing all of us in the modern world is a lack of sleep.  It is hard to fall asleep sometimes with all the stresses and stimulants we encounter each day.  Many of us also live with chronic pain and other medical conditions that make it difficult to fall asleep. Our indica edibles are a great tool to help aid in achieving that much sought after rest.  

The sedative properties of indica edibles can help not only to help fall asleep faster, but to experience deeper sleep.  A lack of sleep can have a detrimental impact on your health.  Cannabis edibles are a more natural approach than relying on pharmaceutical drugs.  Many of these drugs have had many strange and severe side effects due to sleep walking.  

Indica edibles for Pain Relief and Muscle Relaxation

One of the best benefits of indica edibles is their highly effective role in providing pain relief and muscle relaxation.   The main chemical compounds in cannabis, THC and CBD, interact with the body’s own pain perception system.   This is why indica edibles are a great way to deal with pain management in a safe and effective all natural treatment.  Many people find relieve from conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic pain and muscles spasms. 

Indica Edibles for Stress and Anxiety Reduction

Our indica edibles are known for their calming properties.  This makes them an important tool for managing stress and anxiety.   The medicinal properties of indica strains reduce feelings of unease.  They can relax the body and mind so stresses don’t consume the mind.  Stress can be the number one cause of disease and also shorten our life spans.  It is important to learn to manage and alleviate stress in order to achieve wellness.  If struggling with anxiety, we recommend lower doses of THC as well as products such as 1:1 THC / CBD edibles.  High doses of THC can trigger anxiety responses in the body.  Low doses of THC and high doses of CBD with counteract the anxiety response.  

Indica Edibles for Nausea Relief

Indica edible can provide relief from nausea.  A lot of times other medications people are taking can cause nausea.  This would especially be the case for anyone going through Chemotherapy.  We have had many of members over the years have to deal with the brutality of cancer treatment.  We have first hand seen the improvement in quality of life by using indica edibles in these situations.  We love helping people find alternate solutions to their medical treatment plans.

Indica Edibles can have longer-lasting Effects

The effects of THC edibles are longer lasting than those of smoking or vaping.  The effects are also different, as the cannabinoids are processed by the liver and then released into the blood stream.  This 

Compared to inhalation methods like smoking or vaping, the effects of indica edibles tend to be longer-lasting. When ingested, cannabinoids are metabolized by the liver and released gradually into the bloodstream. The enzymes in the liver turn THC into 11-OH-THC.  This chemical compound tends to be more psychoactive and longer lasting.  This leads us into the importance of taking the right dose!  Because an edible can last longer, you want to make sure you don’t take too much that it creates negative side effects.  Cannabis is much like any mind altering substance or drug, take too much and results aren’t good. 

How to use indica edibles 

If you are new to indica edibles we recommend taking low doses to figure out your tolerance.  Here is a rough guide to how dosing with cannabis edibles is classified. 

  1. 1-2.5 mg THC: Microdose.  (Little to no psychoactive effects)
  2. 3-5 mg THC: Low dose. … 
  3. 5-15 mg THC: Moderate dose. …
  4. 15-30 mg THC: High dose. …
  5. 30+ mg THC: Macrodose.

Most people will want to start in the low dose category and work their way up from there.  Remember that the most important thing about edibles is they take a good amount of time to be felt after consuming.  The earliest you may even feel effects is after 30 mins.  The average edible takes 1-2 hour to fully kick in.  This is important to take note of if your using indica edibles to fall asleep that you take them 1-2 hours before bed time.   

We recommend taking edibles with food for best absorption.

Please use extreme caution in keeping edibles out of the reach of children.  

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