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Cannabis Indica

Indica strains are strains that originated in the Asian subcontinent.  They are known for growing as compact short bushes.  They tend to have a darker green appearance to them and often display purple and orange hues.  The leaves are short wide blades.  They tend to produce more side branches and are denser overall.  Indica plants generally have much denser buds than sativa’s do.  You’ll notice with some of the kush strains that a 1/4 ounce sometimes looks more like an eighth.

How Cannabis indica plants grow.

Indica plants tend to have a shorter flowering period than sativa’s.  Since they originated from more northern regions of the world, there are much shorter days than compared to near the equator.  Indica flowering times can be as short as 45 days to just over 60 days.

Common effects of Cannabis Indica. 

Most Indicas contain ample amounts of the cannabinoids THC, CBD and CBN. While Cannabis Sativa often produces a higher proportion of THC compared to its other cannabinoids, Cannabis Indica often contains significant levels of all three.  Indicas tend to produce more body-centred effects than Sativas – enhancement of physical sensations, relaxation, dry mouth, red eyes. These effects are often grouped together under the term ‘stoned’, as opposed to the ‘high’ imparted by Sativas. This is not to say that Indicas have no psychoactive effect, just that they are more renowned for their noticeable effects on the body.

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