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MK Ultra Strain (AAA)

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MK Ultra is a potent indica-dominant strain that is named after the famous CIA mind control project.  Her lineage is a cross between OG Kush and G-13, originally bred by T.H. Seeds.   Easily one of the strongest indica’s we’ve come across here at Canada Wide Weed.  It certainly will give you the couch lock feeling.  The nose and flavour of this exotic is absolutely intoxicating.  MK Ultra is a very popular strain here in Vancouver, BC.


  • resinous and sticky dense flowers
  • notes of pine, earth and diesel


  • fast acting
  • hypnotic
  • very strong “couch lock”
  • relaxing

Medicinal Uses:

  • insomnia
  • pain
  • depression
  • appetite loss

Looking something to watch while your glued to the couch?  Why not a documentary about the CIA program that this strain is named after?  Check it out here:

Are you bummed that the medicinal dispensaries in Vancouver and the North Shore have all shut down? Don’t worry! Canada Wide Weed is here for you!  We are offering same day delivery in Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, and Burnaby.  We usually can make it out to see you in less than 1 hour!

As per usual, you can also get MK Ultra shipped anywhere in Canada! Are you sad the Raptors lost game 5 Toronto? Order some MK Ultra, it will turn that frown upside down!



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6 reviews for MK Ultra Strain (AAA)

  1. dreammanytimes

    Probably the best indica i’ve gotten from these guys, although I do love the Platinum Bubba. This is slightly less of a couch lock feeling and really just is great for chilling, watching movies or gaming.

  2. chill_falcon

    MK Ultra is great if you have a high tolerance or high pain threshold. Beware of heavy thick vape, the longer you hold the vape the harder you will cough or tough it out bringing you to tears. Best indica for pain and sleep, very Euphoric. 10/10 For great Grape Like smell, Taste Blueberry and Sweet Grape, Thick smoke and just dry mouth very psychedelic.

  3. fgsw22

    This strain is absolutely phenomenal for insomnia and anxiety. It is a extremely hypnotic and euphoric high but leaves one head heavy and ready to hit the hay in seconds. The flavor is very mild in its potency but extremely complex in its composition. It hits you quite quickly and continues to strengthen and build up for longer than most other flowers i have tried. Throughout the whole experience you get a great sense of tiredness. This is great before you go to bed! This strain will produce intense euphoria but quite different from most other strains. One may find that this is too much for them if they are a novice and do not portion correctly. Quite a slow burn but rougher smoke. MK Ultra is on my go-to list for night time medicines.

  4. Dale Sturdavent

    Mind Control is right! Really strong…and good price too!

  5. theNIneties

    I wouldn’t recommend smoking this strain if you have business to attend to, but when you need something to sedate you at the end of a long day it’s a good choice. My bad back sometimes prevents me from falling asleep…but even IT is no match for this strain!

  6. drewb_d

    Excellent quality and price point. It will mash you.

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