Davis Bay Kush – AA ( $99 ounce!!! )

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Davis Bay Kush is an exclusive strain we carry here at CWW.  It is a breeder friend of our’s original creation!  They took a Pink Kush strain and backcrossed it with a Skunk #1.  You can def taste and feel the indica skunk in this hybrid.  We love that this strain has dense buds that are quite skunky.


  • deep red hairs
  • skunky aroma
  • dense, full buds


  • Euphoric
  • Munchies
  • Relaxation

Medicinal Uses

  • pain
  • appetite loss
  • depression

Davis Bay Kush is an original Sunshine Coast strain.  Unfamiliar with the Sunshine Coast at it’s relation to cannabis?  Check out more info here about the struggle craft growers are going through.  https://www.coastreporter.net/news/local-news/craft-cannabis-growers-fear-being-shut-out-1.23372821

This strain is great for all our people in ontario looking for great hybrid strains.  Anyone who has tried san rafael or tom ford pink kush strain from OCS will absolutely love our Davis Bay Kush.

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1 review for Davis Bay Kush – AA ( $99 ounce!!! )

  1. 7luvio

    Not bad for the price, decent quality smoke, didn’t have the greatest nose but it did the job.

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