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Organic Cali Orange (AA) $99 ounce weed! Best deal online!

Cali Orange is the best value marijuana strain from BC on the market.

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Cali Orange is the $99 ounce of weed you are looking for!  If your looking for the cheapest ounces online, you’ve found them!  At least the one you actually want to smoke lol.  Our Cali Orange is an old school classic that has found it’s way up to British Columbia.  The fine folks at Lilooet Organic Farms grew this strain in a greenhouse, giving it a natural, full flavoured smoke.  This batch is all has good consistent buds.  Absolutely the best price you can find for small batch organic marijuana online.   This strain provides an upbeat, clear headed high that will not leave you with the burnt out feelings of heavier indicas, but will still give you a mild indica type body feeling.   Easily the best value online at $99 an ounce for organic weed!


  • sun grown on an organic farm
  • nice size buds, not popcorn
  • not moldy throw away weed like other sites sell for $99
  • very smooth


  • pleasant, uplifting
  • good daytime smoke
  • focused, balanced hybrid

Medicinal Uses: 

  • Depression
  • ADHD
  • Anxiety

Are you bummed that the medicinal dispensaries in Vancouver and the North Shore have all shut down? Don’t worry! Canada Wide Weed is here for you!  We are offering same day delivery in Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, and Burnaby.  We usually can make it out to see you in less than 1 hour!

As per usual, you can also get our Cali Orange shipped anywhere in Canada! Are you sad the Raptors lost game 5 Toronto? Order some Cali Orange, it will turn that frown upside down!

Read more about what Leafly has to say about Cali Orange





GRAM (1g) – $5, 1/8 OUNCE (3.5g) – $15, 1/4 OUNCE (7g) – $30, 1/2 OUNCE (14g) – $60, OUNCE (28g) – $99

  1. mjbuonomo91 (verified owner)

    Decent stuff, amazing price!

  2. Jcmcclea (verified owner)

    Wow is all I can say! I’d been searching for this strain. It needed to be organic and grown outside; CWW was the only place that checked all the boxes! We were amazed at the quality of the buds that were sent and the effect is fantastic and long lasting.

  3. atvarpabla

    It’s absolutely worth the price point. Not harsh at all, not too aromatic. Does the job if you like to roll a lot of spliffs like i do.

  4. drewb_d (verified owner)

    As described. Burned clean. Mild flavor and smell. Good value.

  5. rypein39

    The price on this is crazy. I actually bought it because I was short on cash and expected to have to put up with crappy weed, but that was definitely not the case. Very good value.

  6. normpeters

    I had the same experience as the person above… was looking for a cheap oz due to money constraints and this site came through! Last time I bought a $100 oz. (from a different website) it tasted like hay and barely gave me a buzz. This may not be the most top shelf I’ve ever had, but for the price it’s crazy! Definitely tastes decent and gets you quite high. Way better than expected for such a bargain price.

  7. comicaussie

    got an oz of this stuff on the cheap… it’s fantastic, actually. I wasn’t expecting much, if I’m honest, but it definitely knocked me back. I high-ly reccomend.

  8. mrbikefella

    Picked up a dozen of these pre rolls for a camping trip because of the price, and was super happy with the quality of the weed. Tastes pretty good too! What a steal!!!

  9. davebabych

    99$?!!!!!! Are you kidding me?!!!! I basically had the same experience as ‘rypein39’ commenting above… bought it because I was broke and then when it arrived I found out this is actually good product – very (happily) surprised by the quality at this price. It doesn’t pack the full punch of the top shelf strains on this site, but dude, it’s really not that far behind. I will definitely buy again. Great choice for bong hits, which tend to eat up your supply super fast.

  10. ryan whyte

    pretty damn dank for $99$!!! been gettin this for my bong, cause it blasts through bud super fast. even though its cheap its really really good.

  11. Stef (verified owner)

    I also had a little less money, so I decided to buy that. I think it does not smell good and it does not taste good. This weed always goes out while smoking and that’s really annoying. You get a high, but not the crudest high. I will not buy it again.
    But for that it is so cheap you can not expect much. It is ok for a few times

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