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How Long Does A Weed High Last?

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How long does a weed high last?

Using Cannabis in its many forms can be a wonderful experience, but if you’re new Cannabis, you might be wondering: ” How long does a weed high last? ” Well friends, everyone was new at some point, so today your friends at Canada Wide Wide Weed will give you the scoop. ( and 20% off your first order ; )


How Long Does A Weed High Last? – What method do you want to try?

When you want to figure out ” How Long Does a Weed High Last?” the answer mostly depends on the way you consume your THC. (If you’re interested in using CBD products these rules do not apply, as CBD is not a psychoactive substance i.e. it won’t get you high.)


How Long Does A Weed High Last? – Smoking (1 to 3 hours)


The most pronounced effects of smoking come on almost instantly and typically last from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. ( usually peaking at about 30 min) After this time the high will generally shift into more of body high that lasts another 1.5 hours. So in general over the course of 1 to 3 hours, you’ll feel the various stages of a weed high and the ensuing munchies. Depending on the strain, this timeframe will change and sometimes end with intense couchlock, where you may watch entire seasons of Planet Earth, in one sitting.

How Long Does A Weed High Last? – Methods of Smoking


There are endless ways to smoke herb. Back in the day, I have to imagine its intoxicating effects were inadvertently discovered when some prehistoric person threw a bundle on the fire to keep warm and ended up hotboxing their entire cave. The earliest known example of Cannabis smoking was recently Discovered in a Tomb in western Asia. (Fun Fact, the Tomb was located at the same high elevation that the best THC rich wild Cannabis Grew and charred remnants were found in 9 of 10 bowls at the site) Among my circle of friends, it was seen as a right of passage to invent your own smoking device, and we really progressed from the open bowl technique of 2500 years ago. My personal piece de resistance was a life-sized plastic parking meter that was meant to be used as a massive coin holder. I found it at a thrift store and promptly turned it into a bong to be reckoned with. If you asked my friends back then,” How long does a Weed High Last?” the answer would have been ” Years” ( please enjoy responsibly) Some of the popular formats are:




Vape Cartridges/Pens


Dab Rigs


Traditionally smoking been the main method of consumption for Cannabis products, but with more emphasis on health these days, people have been switching to Vaping and Edibles.





How Long Does A Weed High Last? –  Edibles ( 4 – 6 hours)

One of the biggest mistakes people make when consuming edibles is taking a dose ( a cookie, some gummies, chocolate bar, etc) and then getting impatient when they don’t feel the full effects within an hour. When ingesting, the way your body processes THC makes it around 5 times stronger then if you smoked or vaped it. So the 10 mg gummy will give you the equivalent effect of smoking 50 mg. Edibles can take a while ( 45 min to 1.5 hours) to kick in, but the ensuing high lasts considerably longer. In my experience, some of the most pronounced effects really start to kick in after 2.5 hours, with the high slowly building up this point. If you make the mistake of over-consuming, it’s always helpful to have some CBD on hand. Using CBD when you’re ” greening out”  has been shown to counteract the sometimes overwhelming effects of THC overconsumption. So always start with a small amount, and see what effect that amount has over the full 4 – 6 hours, then change your dose accordingly.




Chocolate Bars




How Long Does a Weed High Last? – Sublingual Administration ( 2 – 4 hours)


Sublingual  Administration, means to place a drop or pill under your tongue on the floor of your mouth. With this method of consumption, the onset of THC and CDB is considerably faster than swallowing it and the effects also peak and fade away quicker. You’ll generally start feeling the onset within 15 – 30 minutes. This is my preferred method of consuming cannabis. When people ask me, How Long Does your Weed High Last? They’re often concerned with how long it’ll take to kick in. Sublingual Administration cuts to the chase!



Pheonix Tears



How Long Does a Weed High Last?  – Suppository (1 -3 hours)

Suppositories are generally usually only used when someone needs to take a  massive dose of THC with feeling the full brunt of the psychoactive effects. This method is usually employed by people that are using high doses of Cannabis as part of a treatment regiment for serious diseases.

How Long Does A Weed High Last? – Topical Application (N/A)


Topical Application of Cannabis products is becoming more popular every day. Some methods include:




Lip Balm



How Long Does a Weed High Last? Topical applications do wonders to relieve inflammation, arthritis, carpal tunnel and sore aching muscles, but because your skin absorbs the cannabinoids very slowly, no psychoactive effects are felt. Creams and healing balms can be wonderful for people who don’t like the high but would still like to enjoy the healing benefits of this wonderful plant.

How Long Does a Weed High Last? – Personal Lubrication ( N/A)


Rounding out the list is a new product on the shelves, Cannabis-Infused Personal Lubricant. While it won’t cause psychoactive effects it does reportedly cause some other incredible sensations. Products like this are great for non-cannabis users who might be otherwise hesitant, to try fun products that might enhance their lives in other ways. I’ve heard many testimonials that Cannabis-infused lubes can help some women who are otherwise unable to experience mind-blowing orgasms! One of my favourite aspects of this plant is how it can really enhance the mind-body connection.

Other Factors that Determine How Long a Weed High Last.


1. Quality


When someone asks me ” How Long Does a Weed High Last?” The quality of the product is always number 1 on my list. Organically grown and carefully produced buds that are heavy in trichomes, rich with terpenes, cannabinoids and carefully cured are such a huge factor in having a satisfying session. Time and time again I’m reminded that the top growers are able to coax top-shelf results from strains that others would consider generic, and lower-tier growers can have the hottest genetics on the scene and produce completely forgettable Cannabis.


2. Thc and Cannabinoid Content.


A huge factor in the length of your high is the amount of psychoactive compound THC present in your chosen product. Dry bud regularly registers around 20% THC, while the strongest concentrates are up to 100% these days. Needless to say after a hit that stong you’re going to lit for a while, and after meeting more than a few dedicated dabbers, maybe… permanently. To each their own!


3. Strain


As previously mentioned, different strains contain different amounts of THC, CBD, Terpenes, and other Cannabinoids. This is part of what makes consuming Cannabis so interesting. As you experiment with more strains you’ll invariably find some that really speak to you, and others that aren’t your cup of tea. The duration and quality of high can vary widely among different strains and this means that some are more appropriate than others in certain settings. For instance, If I want to have a productive Saturday at home, organizing and working in the garden, I would choose a nice Sative strain like Super Silver Haze. Whereas if I wanted to chill out listening to records all Sunday, relax and watch a movie, I’d be more inclined to spark up a tasty Indica like Platinum Bubba Kush. Its also worth noting that heavy Indica’s have more of a couch-lock effect so that even after the high wears off you’ll be in a comfortable haze of blissful laziness, which can be nice sometimes.

4. Experience

As you become better acquainted with Cannabis your body will get used to the THC and the effect it has on you will change over time. The over the top cartoonish, LOL  effects that are often associated with first-time Cannabis use are rooted in some truth,  but as you get used to it that will change, and the duration of your high will lessen. That said, there are plenty of other more subtle effects that can make responsible cannabis use a really fun and enriching thing to experience throughout your life.


5. Amount


How Long Does a Weed High Last? The greater the amount you consume, the longer it will last. Always read the label so you don’t inadvertently overdo it.  especially when trying new edibles, start small (like really small) and work your way up. Greening Out is not an ideal way to spend your free time.


6. Metabolic System

Each person’s Metabolic system processes things at a different rate. So if you’re at the quicker end of the scale your high will be over quicker, pretty straight forward.


In conclusion, how long a strain last isn’t as important as finding the right strains and products that make you feel good. For most people it won’t be the crazy high THC strains and edibles, it will be the well balanced and thoughtfully produced products that keep you satisfied. For more information on our naturally produced products, check us out at Canada Wide Weed