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How much is 1 gram of weed?

How much is 1 gram of weed?

How much is 1 gram of weed? For new users looking to purchase their first gram, 1/8th, 1/4 or more, we here at Canada Wide Weed wrote this quick summary to get you up to speed and into some top quality weed. There are many factors to consider, but in general, 1 gram of weed will range in price from $5 – $15 online in Canada. The main factors that determine how much 1 gram of weed costs are:


Strains are essentially different breeds of cannabis that have been developed over the years to highlight certain effects, growing patterns, medicinal compounds, and pest/mould resistance, etc. It’s basically become an arms race to innovate and breed the top tier of Cannabis genetics. Strains that are on the lower end of the price range generally grow the easiest, are resistant to pests/mould and finish flowering the fastest. (Plants that can easily be grown outdoors in Canada are also generally in the low tier price range because they can be cultivated in massive mind-blowing quantities). Conversely, at the high end of the price range, we find the cutting edge of newly bred genetics, exotic flavours, mind-blowing effects, perfect balance; and strains that aren’t possible to easily grow outdoors in the north.


One of the main goals in cannabis breeding innovation has been to produce strains with the highest percentage of active compounds. Over the last couple of decades, the focus has been strains with massive amounts of THC and more recently strains containing high amounts of CBD. These are just 2 of nearly 100 Cannabinoids that have been found in Cannabis plants. As the unstoppable wave of legalization moves forward, more research will be conducted to unlock the secrets of this incredible plant!


Not all buds are created equal. Experienced growers are able to hone in on the precise needs of a given strain and coax out all of their respective attributes. Producers working in smaller batches are able to stay on top of quality control and don’t have to resort to excessive use of pesticides and fungicides like those massive greenhouse operations of late. How much a gram costs largely depends on the skills of the grower and their eye for quality. Here at Canada Wide Weed, our buyer has over 20 years of experience purchasing Cannabis from some of the top growers in North America.

 Organic VS Artificial


Although great results can come from both methods of growing, here at Canada Wide Weed, we’re particularly fond of Organically grown Cannabis. To pull it off in large amounts requires a bit more planning and a more thoughtful system than an artificially grown product, but the effort pays off. How much is 1 gram of Weed? if you’re looking at organic products prepare to pay a little more generally.


Bag Appeal

Cannabis can be well grown, perfectly cured and rich with cannabinoids and terpenes but the last factor to look at when asking ” How much is 1 gram of weed? is bag appeal. The best buds come from the tops and they’re also the richest with Cannabinoids. Color, size and glistening trichomes are what you’ll want to see in a top-shelf bud. Ask people from 20 years ago and they can probably recall ” brick weed”, which was homogenous brown masses of ditch weed from Mexico. We’ve come a long way.

What does 1 gram of weed look like?

It depends, factors like strain, quality and whether its a top or bottom bud must be taken into account but generally, 1 Gram will cover the same tablespace as two loonies side by side.

1 gram of weed, how many joints?


1 gram of weed will roll you  4 small Joints ( pinners ), 2 regular sized joints ( 1 inch cones ), or 1 big Joint!  ( full-sized cone)

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