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How to roll a joint?

How to roll a joint?


Learning how to roll a joint is absolutely a right of passage for all cannabis smokers. These days with the multitudes of devices and methods to ingest Cannabis, one of the most practical, economical and satisfying ways to get high still starts with your own two hands. It’s easy to get lulled into the convenience that technology and mass production afford, but when the chips are down and it’s just you, a bud and a paper, Canada Wide Weed‘s here to get you from zero to hero lickity spliff.

J’s, L’s, pre-rolled cones, jive sticks, blunts, reefers; there are endless names for these little handmade creations but at the end of the day, they all lead to the same destination ( hopefully) ie You enjoying the end result of a lovingly grown and expertly cured bud. Weed that is too wet often leads to uneven or stalled burning. Generally speaking, you’ll want your Cannabis to be on the dryer side of the equation when you’re rolling up, but like anything you can take that idea too far and end up with tasteless un-nuanced smoke that loses a lot of a given strains desired qualities. That’s been one of the major downfalls that discerning consumers have noticed when sampling buds from the Mega-Sized Licensed Canadian Producers. Dry tasteless nugs that disintegrate into dust while attempting to break them up. Dealing with more experienced small-batch growers that work in smaller quantities of lovingly grown Organic Cannabis gives us here at Canada Wide Weed a distinct advantage and saves you from that dusty ass carbon-dated Kush.


How To Roll A Joint – Step 1

Break up the Weed

Place you well cured and de-stemmed nugs into a grinder, carefully break up with your fingers, or another great method is to place the bud into a shot glass and snip it up with scissors. Whatever method you choose make sure to break it down to a semi-fine consistency and don’t leave any large chunks. Those have a tendency to cause uneven burning or as it sometimes called ” canoeing ” * Hot Tip, if you ever encounter this problem a quick dab of saliva or water from your finger on the side that is burning too quickly will even out the burn rate.


How to Rolla Joint – Step 2

Make a “Crutch” or Filter or Tip.

Whatever you want to call it most people prefer to have a small piece of cardboard or thick paper as the mouthpiece of the joint, it:

1. Prevents having soggy, sloppy, clogging cigarette ends.
2. Conserves your cannabis, no wasted ends.
3. Strengthens your joint and gives if better shape.
4.Prevents weed from going into your mouth (no “PAH-TEWing”)


Simply cut a piece of card stock about 4 cm X 1.5 cm and roll it tightly onto itself. When you set it on the paper the natural springiness of the cards stock will open up air spaces in your ” filter” so that smoke will go through but ground bud will not. Place your newly created or pre-made filter lengthwise at the end of your paper. Most people prefer rolling with the filter towards their less dominant hand.

How to Roll a Joint –  Step 3

Place Weed on Paper

Place your broken up weed evenly along the centre of the paper. I tend to place more weed towards the end and less towards the filter which will naturally make a bit of a cone shape. Figuring out how much a certain paper can hold will take a bit of trial and error. If there’s too much weed and you have to overly compress it to get it rolled, it’s going to be hard to get a good drag and keep it burning. There needs to be the right amount of airflow but no big gaps. Uniformity is the key to success in joint rolling.


How to Roll a Joint – Step 4

Forming the Joint

Now you have a paper with a filter at one end and a food amount of weed down the centre. Using your dominant hand, pinch the top and bottom of the paper together using your thumb and pointer finger. Pick this little parcel up and set it in the cradle between your thumb and middle finger of the opposite hand. Now grab the other end the same way so you’re holding the joint between your thumbs and middle fingers of both hands. Begin to slowly form and roll the cylindrical shape of the joint. Your middle fingers should basically be touching at the midway point of the joint. The middle fingers act as a base while your thumbs roll and form the cylinder. As it forms you can work the weed towards the bottom ( thumb side of the paper) so that you can have excess paper at the top where the sticky portion of the paper is. At this point, you should have a uniform cylinder or tapered cone with no air gaps.


How to Roll a Joint – Step 5

Seal the Joint

Now lick the sticky strip of the paper and using your thumbs and middle fingers wrap the excess top sticky paper around the formed section. While you’re sealing the sticky end pay close attention to the filter. You’ll want to ensure an especially tight seal around the filter so it doesn’t fall out.


How to Roll a Joint – Step 6

Finish the Joint

At this point, one end in the joint will be open. Pinch the excess paper together and twist with your fingers making a small paper ” wick “. If you’re going to save a bunch for later its best to store them like this so they don’t fall apart.  But once you’re ready to smoke it…If you have scissors or a sharp knife, cut this off, otherwise using your lighter slowly burn it away. Once the wick is cut or burned to a small tip its time to smoke that joint! Place it in your lips and slowly drag/puff without inhaling until the tip is completely gone. The paper wick/tip is not as pleasant to inhale. If you’d prefer to not swap saliva with someone you can hold the filter of the joint in the tips of fingers creating a seal, then pressing your lips to your fingers. You’ll notice as you get towards the filter the smoke will feel a bit thick and start to get harsh right near the end, the key is to stop smoking for the card stock starts burning.

How to roll a joint without a filter?

Sometimes when you want to know ” How to Roll a Joint?” You may be dealing with the bare minimum of supplies. A bud, a paper and a magnifying glass or flintstone. I’ve rolled a ton of joints this way and it just takes a bit more finesse to make sure its tight enough at the tip that you won’t be inhaling little pieces of weed and yet loose enough that the joint still burns well. My previous tip of using a tapered design with less weed towards the mouth end applies here. It also helps to use a bit of a cone technique. As you’re rolling you’ll want to begin wrapping the mouth end first then finish with the lighting end.

How to roll a blunt

If you’ve ever listened to hip hop music or are even vaguely aware of the culture you’ve surely heard the term ” blunt ” before. So how do you roll one of these tasty creations? Well, there are just a couple extra steps beyond: How to the Roll a Joint? section.

Step 1: Buy Cigarello or special Blunt wrap

Traditionally you would buy a pre-rolled cigarillo from the corner store.

Step 2: Rip it.

Remove the plastic wrap from the cigarillo, if it has a plastic tip, rip that off too.

Step 3: Cut it.

Slice lengthwise down the middle of the cigarillo. Empty the contents in the garbage. (I’ve never known anyone to reserve this tobacco) Using the tobacco leaf shell that you’re left with you’ll…

Step 3: Pack it

Place your broken up weed along the length of the blunt paper. One advantage of rolling with blunt paper is that it’s thicker and therefore easier to work with for novices.

Step 4: Roll it

Follow the steps of ” How to Roll A Joint ” generally because the blunt wrap is thicker, blunt rollers won’t use a filter and instead just leave a bit of space on the mouth end.

Step 5: Stick it.

If you’re working from an emptied cigarillo you won’t have the benefit of a sticky section of paper, but fear not, using lots of saliva on the upper portion of the wrap will help create a nice tight seal. Blunt rollers definitely end up getting a bit more intimate with the paper…

Smoke it.

The tobacco leaf ” paper” itself has quite a bit of flavour and this can be beneficial to cover up off flavours of cheap weed, but may overwhelm some of the fine delicate nuances of connoisseur grade cannabis.


 How to Roll a Joint – How to roll a cross joint

Step 1

Start off by rolling up two joints. One should be much bigger ( 3 or 4 or times the size of the smaller one.) The smaller joint should be rolled with two ends ( as both will be lit)


Step 2

Take a pin or paper clip and start boring a hole through the centre of the large joint. It just needs to be large enough that the small joint can snuggly fit through it.


Step 3

Poke a small hole through the middle of the small joint. This will allow smoke to pass through the length of the large joint, while also drawing from the two ends of the cross.


Step 4

Slide the smaller joint through the large hole and while making sure the tiny hole in the small joint is properly lined up in the centre and facing down the length of the large joint.


Step 5

Tear sticky gum strip off of a paper, wet it, then use it to wrap around the middle connections so it’s airtight.


Enjoy your Cross Joint! Share with friends, its a classic party trick and a staple of any good Easter celebration. There are lots of other variations of this concept but the cross is a great starting point.

How to Roll a Joint?

How to roll a joint easy

We’ve run through the gamut and really got into the weeds of : How to Roll a Joint? But to finish off we’ll get right to the quick and dirty method of How the Roll a Joint Easy. Often you won’t have all the tools to roll a joint the ideal way. When I think back, the majority of the joints I’ve rolled have been in less than ideal circumstances. No fancy grinders, no RAW hemp papers or scissors and at the most desperate of times no proper papers at all! In this section, I’ll explain: How to Roll a Joint Easy.


Step 1

Break up the weed as fine as possible with your bare hands. Take off rally small flakes of bud and make sure its as consistent as possible.

Step 2

Assuming you at least have a rolling paper, cradle it between the thumb and middle finger of your less dominant hand. Using your other hand, deposit the broken up cannabis into the paper. If you don’t have a proper rolling paper, other thin types of paper will suffice although I can’t vouch to how well those other options will burn. (Try for something without ink and use lots of saliva to make it seal)

Step 3

Begin to slowly form and roll the cylindrical shape of the joint. Your middle fingers should basically be touching at the midway point of the joint. The middle fingers act as a base while your thumbs roll and form the cylinder. As it forms you can work the weed towards the bottom ( thumb side of the paper) so that you can have excess paper at the top where the sticky portion of the paper is.

Step 4

Now lick the sticky strip of the paper ( or if there’s no sticky strip use lots of saliva so it’ll seal) and using your thumbs and middle fingers wrap the excess top sticky paper around the formed section. Keep the mouth side rolled tight so no bits of weed get in your mouth.

Step 5

Twist the other end up and light it, you’ve now figured out: How to Roll a Joint Easy.





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