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Edibles are an interesting component of the marijuana family.  They are much different from smoking cannabis.  They create a completely different high than from smoking or vaping cannabis.  They tend to give you a much stronger body high that lasts longer than smoking.  The effects can sometimes be 4-6 hours depending on your bodyweight and tolerance.  With smoking, you tend to feel the effects right away or at most within minutes of smoking.  This is not the case when you ingest marijuana foods.  Often times they take up to an hour or even two hours to fully kick in.  This often leads people to eat more and more of the edibles because they feel as though they are not working.  This practice also tends to create the most problems that you hear about with edible use.  It’s pretty much like anything else you consume, take too much too fast and it’s going to hurt.  Eating too much food too fast gives you a tummy ache.  Drink too much beer too fast your going to be punch drunk.  Same exact thing for taking edibles. So the moral of this story is start slow if you want to have an enjoyable ride.  Their is absolutely a right way to go about this because literally millions of people around the world enjoy ingesting marijuana.

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