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Best Cannabis Strains for Sex?

The Best Strains for Sex Best Cannabis Strains for Sex?


What are The Best Cannabis Strains for Sex? Over the years Cannabis has proven to be effective for treating all manner of ailments, but for those in the know, some of its most satisfying effects are realized in the bedroom. ( We’re not talking about insomnia today.)

In this Blog, Canada Wide Weed, answers the question ” What are the Best Cannabis Strains for Sex”


Different Types of Cannabis

In this brave new world of wider Cannabis acceptance, people often want to know: What are the Best Cannabis Strains for Sex? These two joys of life are a match made in heaven, but to really get into this subject you’ll need a basic understanding of the main compounds that differentiate the nearly infinite variety of strains available on the market. There’s way more to a strain than the Indica/Sativa classification. Each strain contains a multitude of different compounds that will greatly affect your experience.


THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, etc are cannabinoids, which means they bind to the receptors in our body’s endocannabinoid system, specifically the CB1 And CB2 receptors which regulate things like mood and immune functions.


One of the most exciting aspects of consuming and cultivating cannabis is the abundance of flavours and scents that accompany the veritable galaxy of strains. Terpenes are the chemicals that produce these wonderful fragrances, and certain scents correlate with the effects that will be experienced with different strains. In the natural environment, they help protect a plant by repelling insects and critters.  

For instance: Myrcene’s aroma is often described as “ Earthy”, “Herbal”, “Cloves”, and is most often found in Indica dominant strains and is associated with sedating relaxing effects. Linalool’s aroma is described as “Candy”, “Floral” and “Fruity” and is often found in strains with sedation and anxiety relief ( Indica dominant) and Limonene as it name hints at, packs a citrus punch that’s often prevalent in Sativa strains that are known to “relieve stress”, “elevate mood”  “feelings of euphoria.” and arousal…

To Inhale, Ingest or… Insert.

To throw another curveball, the way you consume cannabis will greatly alter the outcome. For instance, when ingesting an edible the THC goes straight to your liver where it’s metabolized to 11 – Hydroxy  – THC. This metabolite “ has five times the activity at the CB1 receptor, the psychoactive one, as THC itself,” says Jeff Raber, CEO of the Werc Shop, a cannabis lab in California. So that 10 mg ingested will have to effect of 50 mg’s smoked or vaporized. The effect of edibles are often felt for a much longer duration then if you inhaled them, but come on much slower. This means a bit more planning if you’d like to introduce edible Cannabis product experimentation into the bedroom, make-out point or public park washroom. Another relatively new type of product on the market is Cannabis-Infused Lube. One benefit it offers is greatly diminished psychoactive effects, while still introducing many other beneficial compounds into the bloodstream.

Obviously just saying “ Cannabis makes sex better” is too generall once you start to explore the wide variety of compounds and variety of effects that each strain can produce. A heavy couch-lock/sedative Indica strain is going to be more likely to put you out for the count and a super cerebral landrace Sativa might have you reorganizing your living room. Not all strains are equal, but with this complexity, we have the chance to identify what compounds and aspects make up  THE BEST CANNABIS STRAINS FOR SEX. In general, we’re going to be looking at well-balanced hybrids that lean towards Sativa dominance. another common theme in The Best Cannabis Strains for Sex is the prevalence of the terpene Limonene. 


In The Beginning 


Many years ago while most of the planets tokers had been relegated to the few different strains that their dealer provided, the people of Amsterdam had access to a plethora of options at their local Coffee Shops. 

With more choice and variety the people of Amsterdam were able to figure out what strains were best for different applications, even if they didn’t understand how and why. ( The Science has come a long way in the last couple of decades) When it came to The Best Cannabis Strain for Sex, a clear winner stood out. Santa Maria


Santa Maria is a Sativa dominant hybrid known for its arousing and energetic effects. An old fixture in many of Amsterdam’s coffee shops, this strain could be seen as the original blueprint for what makes a great strain for sex. An energetic Sativa cross with enough Indica to relax and balance it out. Sant Maria is dominant with the terpenes Linalool and Limonene giving it a fruity and citrus scent. It is one-half of Reefermans  Love Potion #1.


Love Potion # 1  was a 2004 Cannabis Cup winner. It was a cross of Santa Maria Gold and G 13. A skunky lemon-flavored beauty that hit all the right buttons. With very pungent aromas of Limonene, it definitely earned its reputation as one of The Best Cannabis Strains for Sex.


While these strains are some of the flagships of strains to get you in the mood, many other new varieties have been developed that hit all the right notes.


Blue Monkey 


A true crowd-pleaser, Blue Monkey has all the traits of The Best Cannabis Strains for Sex. The main Sativa kick in this strain comes from Blue Haze, which is crossed with the potent Indica dominant hybrid, Gorilla Glue. From your first taste of this luscious herb, you’ll be transported to the pleasure dome. The uplifting and joyous Sativa high is perfectly balanced out by the bold Indica traits of GG. Heightened energy and bodily sensations come together to create a real winner under the sheets. Blue Monkey has a really eclectic and balanced terpene profile. Just smelling it might get you in the mood.



Phenom is another hybrid of two world-class strains that come together to really spice things up. Its a cross of the legendary Sativa dominant hybrid Jack Herer and the world-famous OG Kush. This strain mixes heightened mind-body awareness with extreme relaxation and arousal. The terpenes Myrcene, Linalool, and Terpinolene really stand out in this hybrid.


King Tut 


King Tut aka Tutankhamon is a standout as one of the Best Cannabis Strains for Sex. It’s Sativa dominance is very pronounced, but with  Ak 47 as its parent, it also soothes and creates a beautiful feeling of euphoria and arousal. The Limonene terpenes really stand out in this outstanding strain.


In Summery


There are many more great Cannabis strains out there to enhance your time in the bedroom. This should give you a good idea of the characteristics you should seek out if you’re wondering “What are the Best Cannabis Strains for Sex.”