Phenom OG Strain AAA 23% THC

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Balanced Hybrid Phenom OG Strain.

The Phenom OG Strain is a highly rated strain that is currently out of stock at a lot of locations.  Fortunately for us we have hunted it down!  The lineage on this strain is a bit unknown, however the internet has concluded its a Jack Herer crossed with OG Kush.  If the internet says so I guess we will go with it lol.  On a real level this is some dank weed and like many of our AAA quality buds, she packs a big punch.  The effects of this strain are sativa dominant, likely from the Jack Herer parentage.  It has a dream-like effect to it with moderate muscle pain relief and mental relaxation.  She is a really good strain for stress, making it the perfect after work smoke.
The Phenom has the familiar citrus haze aroma that is simply intoxicating.  When you grind it up, the scent becomes more musky and diesel like.  Again, those qualities would come from the OG Kush lineage.  It is a pale army green with orange pistils and only moderate trichome coverage, and it seemed that most of the trichs were hidden underneath the leaf cover.

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1 review for Phenom OG Strain AAA 23% THC

  1. stefkolo

    Loved for the price:) I have muscel pain and this one is good for that!!

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