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Hindu Kush – $99 Ounce

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Buy Hindu Kush strain Online Canada

Hindu Kush strain info:


  • 100% indica strain
  • originates from Afghanistan and Pakistan
  • up to 22% THC
  • potent narcotic like affects


  • relaxed
  • sleepy
  • happy
  • euphoric
  • hungry


  • earthy
  • pungent
  • woody

Medicinal Uses:

  • pain
  • stress
  • insomnia
  • depression
  • lack of appetite

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Tried our perfectly rolled pre rolled joint cones.


GRAM (1g) – $6, 1/8 OUNCE (3.5g) – $20, 1/4 OUNCE (7g) – $35, 1/2 OUNCE (14g) – $60, OUNCE (28g) – $99

  1. _solo1_

    This strain makes it to the High Times Top 25 of all time.
    I was also looking for a good value indica that would help with sleep. Hindu Kush did not disappoint.
    Interesting, slightly sour aroma, bud coated in amber coloured trichs. Had some cool visual effects (hyped intensity and detail). Might be tempted to back off because of how quick the onset is, but keep enjoying. Was able to sleep fine and woke refreshed with zero hangover. Would jump on this strain again, especially if a AAA or AAAA.

  2. stefkolo (verified owner)

    This Indica strain is very good. The price is fair and smokes very good. Good for sleep or only relax

  3. Joshua Hyde (verified owner)

    Good strain at a good price. Thank you for offering cheaper strains as a medical user I really appreciate this. Not a 5 star strain but 5 star quality, customer service, and delivery speed.

  4. braedenpproductions (verified owner)

    Solid indica strain at a solid indica price

  5. CourtneyO (verified owner)

    Great value. Relaxing, good high, great price.

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