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Good Time Gummies – 150 mg THC per pack – Vegan


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Good Time Gummies are by far the best THC Gummy Bears we have found in the vegan edibles market.  They literally live up to their name with the incredible euphoria and bursts of laughter.  Perfect for your summertime outdoor adventures or late night chill sessions a the house.   Even better yet, they are made completely Vegan and Organic.  150mg THC per pack.  Assorted flavours.  Vegan gummies are quite difficult to make, we have seen many folk try and fail to get a good consistent gummy.  It is much easier to do with gelatin, but Good Time Gummies came through with a gelatine-free vegan gummy bear.  Horay!

Good Time Gummies:

  • Vegan
  • Indica Hybrid Bubble Hash
  • 10mg per bear / 15 bears total / 150mg per pack
  • long lasting euphoric high
  • tastes great!

Good Time Gummies Ingredients:

Cannabis Indica, White Grape Juice, Corn Syrup, Tapioca Fiber, Pectin, Agar, Vegan Xanthan Gum, Natural Flavours (grape, cherry, pineapple, key lime, raspberry, strawberry, tangerine, coconut) Cane Sugar, Citric Acid, Sun Flower Lecithin.

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  1. Nathan93

    Best gummies i’ve ever had! They live up to their name, give you the giggles. Took just a little over an hour for me for them to kick in. I took 3. Def had a good time lol !

  2. mattney

    tasty and perfect for dosing. gave me a good buzz that lasted around 3-4 hours.

  3. mixmaster mike

    Only eat a couple they said… so logically I smashed a whole bag at once. Really good high, but next time I’ll listen. Literally the hardest I’ve ever laughed in my life.

  4. rypein39

    I really liked these. Good taste, good high. The dosing is very easy to manage and control…a lot more consistent than other gummies I’ve tried.

  5. crosby68

    My gal and I split a bag of these before watching Cypress Hill and the Snotty Nose Rez Kids on 4/20 and it was a great dose. Also tried their Skywalker, which was tasty as f@ck too!

  6. joanbonnet

    My stomach is usually too sensitive to edibles, but these are very easy to handle. I have been taking 2 at a time in addition to smoking my flowers. Very nice combination to relieve pain and stress.

  7. gofolkyourself

    They did the trick, a little more tart them normal gummies. Probably healthier though, more like a fruit snack to me.

  8. amandalanda

    Best movie snack ever!!! Smoked a congolese joint from here and also took a bag of these in to munch on during Avengers and they were perfect. Ate about half a bag and it was great. Super high, but didn’t make me fall asleep at all.

  9. lapdog

    heck yeah these are so good! great dose and no weird ‘planty’ aftertaste

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