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Blue God Strain – $99 ounce

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Blue God Strain great deal @ $99 ounce

Brand new strain at CWW!

Blue God is a local BC strain created by crossing Blueberry and God Bud.  Both of these strains have actually won the Cannabis Cup so this beauty has some stellar parents! This strain comes from seed bank Jordan of Islands.   Blue God is a strong indica that is perfect for bedtime.  It has a great sweet smell to it.


  • sweet yet pungent berry / tropical smell
  • medium to large size buds
  • dense and sticky.
  • 15% – 20% THC


  • relaxing
  • hazy psychedelic effects
  • euphoric

Medicinal Uses: 

  • insomnia
  • anxiety
  • pain

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GRAM (1g) – $8, 1/8 OUNCE (3.5g) – $20, 1/4 OUNCE (7g) – $35, 1/2 OUNCE (14g) – $60, OUNCE (28g) – $99

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