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Cannabis extract and extraction in Canada.  Lots of people want to know how to concentrate CBD and THC from Cannabis.  There are many ways that people achieve high THC and CBD concentrates.  Some common methods that people are curious about are olive oil extraction, liquid and cannabis oil alcohol extraction.  One of the cleanest ways to do extraction is with cold water for cannabis.  Cold extraction cannabis oil is some of the highest quality and easiest to smoke.   When extraction thc from cannabis you can get a full extract of cannabis oil.  Full spectrum is when all the cannabinoids of cannabis are kept in tact to create the entourage effect that medicinal users are looking for.  Some other methods are more to do with vaping.  These include propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.  These are not extractions that we currently practice, we prefer pure Co2 extraction methods.   Where can you buy full extract cannabis oil?  You can buy it here with Canada Wide Weed.  We have by far the best quality full spectrum cannabis oil in Canada. We carry absolutely no butane extracts here at Canada Wide Weed.

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