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Cannatek Blueberry 47 87% THC (indica)


Solvent free extract, C02 cartridge by cannatek blueberry 47

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Cannatek Blueberry 47

Blueberry AK 47 strain is a very potent indica weed vape cart tested at 87% THC. We love that we found this Blueberry AK 47 strain!  Probably the best flavour profile of all the full spectrum carts we carry.  Co2 extraction is the key to preserving all the terpenes and various cannabinoids.  This is true full spectrum cannabis oil.

Cannatek Blueberry 47 strain review:


  • Powerful indica, 87% THC
  • True Full spectrum cannabis oil
  • Amazing terpene profile

Effects include: 

  • relaxation
  • calm
  • pain relief

Medicinal uses:

  • tension
  • chronic stress
  • pain.

Co2 Vape Carts: 

  • 500mg
  • full spectrum supercritical Co2 extraction
  • lab tested by MB Labs, a Health Canada certified lab.
  • solvent free, no butane
  • fits on standard vape pen batteries (510 thread).

We love this Blueberry AK 47 strain weed vape pen here at CWW.  We do not and have never carried any butane extracts.  Butane causes cancer.  Don’t smoke buds washed in lighter fluid!

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These premium vape carts are only available at Canada Wide Weed.  Like many of the products on our site, we have partnered for exclusive distribution.  We often carry the products other people won’t as they would rather sacrifice quality to save a few bucks.  We believe in sourcing the very highest quality cannabis products for our medicinal marijuana members!





.5 GRAM (.5g) – $70

  1. twolions

    This is by far the strongest and most flavourful of all the Cannatek they carry, I’ve tried almost all as well!

  2. mixmastermike (verified owner)

    The Blueberry has been my favourite vape from these guys. It really has such a pleasant high to it and the flavour is amazing. These things are a little too convenient being that you can vape just about anywhere. Perfect for not reeking like weed.

  3. Owen HP (verified owner)

    Incredibly smooth! I think I found a new favourite thing!!! Don’t let the smooth hits fool you… you are going to be ripped!!!

  4. beaster (verified owner)

    Unbelievably smooth and easy to be discreet… and geez, it sure gets you ripped!!!

  5. Chairman Meow (verified owner)

    I grew up smoking the Blueberry strain so this vape cart really has a nostalgic taste. Very few carts retain the distinctive tastes of strains but Cannatek somehow knocks it out of the park.

  6. kmprice (verified owner)

    One or two hits and bam! This chronic insomniac can sleep at last. So grateful for this one.

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