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Cypress Organics 500mg THC Sativa Tincture


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Cypress Organics 500mg THC Sativa Tincture is produced from organically grown, outdoor, no spray cannabis. This blissful oil is the result of the painstaking process of creating bubble hash from organic cannabis, making a tincture oil with organic grapeseed oil. Unlike most other oils on the market, the product is full-spectrum and includes all of the beneficial terpenes, cannabinoids, and other compounds that the vast majority of oils/tinctures lack.  Tinctures are a great value per mg of THC as opposed to more labour intensive and ingredient cost of traditional edibles.

Benefits of Sativa tincture include:

  • increased energy
  • mood enhancement
  • boost creativity
  • elevated focus

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Your oil should be stored in a relatively cool dark place.  A cabinet is generally perfect.  Recommended temp is 15-21 degrees Celsius  (60-70 Fahrenheit.) These temperatures keep the viscosity of the oil at usable levels and prevent the degradation of the cannabinoids.

The average shelf life of your Sativa oil is 14 – 24 months.  This also depends on how you store it, as the light will tend to degrade the cannabinoids.


To take sativa oil place the drops under your tongue, hold it there for 60 seconds, and then swallow. With this product, the oil is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream through the surfaces of your tongue and mouth.

Our sublingual drops take about 15 minutes for you to start feeling the effects of the Oil.  The effects usually last 4-6 hours.  

Remember with any kind of edibles it’s best to start slow.  Everyone’s tolerance to THC is different and edibles have much longer lasting effects than smoking or vaping does.   Another thing to consider with sativa edibles is that because of their enhanced cerebral effect they can often trigger anxiety.   Often times the effects that your looking for are achieved best in small doses.



  • creativity
  • inspiration
  • euphoria
  • focus

Read more about the difference between edibles here

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500mg – $60, 1000mg – $100

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