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Afghan Hash (1g)


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Exotic Hashish

Afghan Hash is import hash that has been circulating around BC forever.  This hashish is the pressed, condensed Black Hash that people have loved.  The sheer bulk amount of fields that come from the region make this hash very affordable.  The quality is quite good too.  We love to make a little hash worm with this stuff and roll it in a joint.  You can also go old school and do knife hits of this hash.  It is also great to get out the classic hash pipe and sit around for a lazy afternoon.

The plants that are used for this kind of Hashish are small busy Indicas.  In Afghanistan this hash is collected on giant screens and then pressed by hand. They use a small amount of tea or water to press it together and then let it dry.  The hashish is worked until it is elastic and has a nice fragrant smell to it.

Small families take great pride in making their hashish.  We can only imagine what it must be like to see the never ending hash fields.  We sincerely hope one day to visit them.  There is something quite pleasant about smoking hashish.  The absence of plant material gives the smoke a different texture to it.  It certainly has a different flavour as well, generally a bit floral.  We are very happy to acquire this lovely hashish and hope you enjoy it to, no matter how you choose to smoke it.

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  1. Ronnie (verified owner)

    Wow man this is friggin nice – I’m writing this after having just an old fashion hotknife – very nice old fashion 70s-80s taste – earthy- smooth – no cough – can’t put words to it – just tastes yummy , like hash should – getting a little headrush now and just feel fine . This stuff is great for binge watching a series like say Letterkenny , I’m gettin relaxed and couchlocked but alert enough to get the rapid fire humour. Try some , it’s a great deal and better yet a good relaxing indica buzz !

  2. Seah Maister (verified owner)

    Love this hash! Nice and smooth, smokes clean (doesn’t make me cough!) and gives you a nice relaxed feeling – great for just chilling out!

  3. siskothekid (verified owner)

    You gotta love the warm chest feeling after a nice pull of this. Smooth and more relaxing with every exhale.

  4. Krikky (verified owner)

    This is an awesome classic hash. Smooth, mellow, slow burning, gorgeous chill high.

  5. braedenpproductions (verified owner)

    Seriously? does it ever get bad. The only other thing more consistent is the sun rising

  6. Krikky (verified owner)

    I love this hash. Just a little in the evening joint is such a nice way to mellow out after a Day…

  7. HR (verified owner)

    10/10 on to the nose!

  8. Pencilvester (verified owner)

    I add this to my joints before bed and it does the trick every time.

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