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Best Way to Smoke Hash

Best Way to Smoke Hash

Best Way to Smoke Hash In this article we’re going to find out the Best way to Smoke Hash. In many parts of the world, the Cannabis Buds themselves are often considered an unfinished product, and many people in these areas may go their whole lives without smoking cannabis flower. In these areas there generally hasn’t been the same focus on marijuana breeding or indoor cultivation to the plant material their working with would be a more crude, and in need of processing to get the best product. Conversely, In places in Like Amsterdam and California growers have worked to isolate genetics with over 30 % THC in ideal indoor conditions. In these cases, there’s no need to process your large buds into hash and its generally the trim that gets used for hash and other concentrate production ( phoenix tears, C02 Oil, rosin etc)


Countries like Morocco, Afghanistan and Lebanon rank among the biggest hash producing countries in the world, and they of course export to Europe, North America and all over the rest of the planet. In fact, when I  began smoking weed as a teenager, it was common to get Moroccan/Afgan Hash around summertime when there was usually a flower dry spell as growers focused their energy on their outdoor crops. I always appreciated the floral, musky essence and smooth delicious smoke of those first hash smoking experiences.

How to Smoke Hash

Top 5 Best Ways to Smoke Hash.


5. Hot Knives

Before I knew what Bubble Hash was, my friends and I were introduced to the Afghan Variety of Hash. This is the Substance that people generally associate with Hash. Its a soft gummy tar looking substance. It’s ideally quite malleable.  You can simply pick off small pieces from the larger hash ball and break them up as small as possible. If its hard you can slowly warm it up with a lighter ( don’t burn it) For Hot Knives you’ll want something about half the size of a grain of rice or slightly bigger. It best to form this down into a tiny little patty.

Take two butter knives and heat just the tips up on a heating element. It should be noted that these butter knives will never be the same, so choose wisely, better to use old ones that no one will miss.


Once the knife tips are glowing orange you’re ready for lift-off. At this point, it should be noted that this is much easier with two people but can be accomplished by yourself as well.

Take the little hash patty and carefully place it on the tip of the first knife whist holding it out flat. This is the base. Quickly grab the second knife and press it down, once the two hot knives are pressed down on the piece of hash it will quickly burn up so you or your friend need to be ready to inhale the smoke. Some wise stoners will go an extra step and make a mouthpiece by cutting off the top of a 2-litre pop bottle so that the hot knives don’t get too close to your mouth and face. I’m going to strongly recommend that anyone reading this tutorial goes ahead and takes this step. The first time I ever heard of hot knives was from an older guy that had been held back a couple of grades and was in my high school geography class. He sat next to me, and one morning he came in with a nasty burn mark on his cheek. He explained what he’s been doing and of course, it seemed completely ridiculous to me at the time, it wasn’t until a couple of years later that I tried it for myself.

I’d rate this method a 2/5. Pros are that its a convenient quick and dirty way to smoke some hash, but because of the danger factor I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re even slightly clumsy.

4. Bottle Tokes

To smoke bottle tokes or BT’s as we called them, you need:

a) A cigarette or a perfectly rolled joint of dry weed* ( needs to burn evenly like a cigarette.)

b) a plastic water bottle or glass beer bottle.

c) bottle cap

d) a penny/sharp object

If you’re going to use a plastic water bottle you can carefully burn a small hole about 1.5 inches from the bottom of the water bottle. It should about the size of the end of a lighter.

If you only have access to a glass bottle it’s a little tougher to make the hole and you’ll probably go through a couple of bottles to get it right. What you need is a sharp or hard object like a nail, knife or shard of metal. Starting about  1.5 inches from the bottom, start scratching a small area about the size of a dime. The more you scratch it in this isolated area the better.

Next, you’ll insert the penny in the bottle, grab it by the neck of the bottle and begin shaking the penny around, it will pop a hole the area that you scratched up and sometimes it will just crack the entire bottle. I’ve had a few that worked out perfectly the first time.

Smoking BT’s

Now that you’ve made your plastic of glass BT bottle you’re ready to smoke. Set up a session of small rice size hash patties just like you would for hot knives. They need to be small enough to rest on top of the burning cherry of the cigarette or joint. (If they’re too big you won’t be able to pick them up with the cigarette). Cigarettes make this process easier as they always burn perfectly, but a really good joint can accomplish the same objective (if you can roll one).

  • Make sure the cap is on the bottle, this holds the smoke in.
  • Start by holding the cigarette between your thumb and middle finger. You can then use your index finger to tap the cherry of the cigarette to the little hash patty. It helps to take a drag and ask the cigarette s its as hot as possible and can easily pick up the hash from the top.
  • Once you’ve accomplished this ( takes some finesse) you turn the cigarette so that the hash is now resting on top of the cherry ( burning ember/tip)
  • Holding the cigarette with the thumb and index finger of your dominant hand, use your other hand to quickly pick up the bottle side down with the bottle facing you.
  • as soon as the hash starts burning a stream of white smoke will start rising from it. It looks obviously thick than the cigarette or joint smoke and will rise in one perfect unbroken stream.
  • Hold the cigarette so that the hash stream is entering the bottle. The bottle should be held at a 60-degree angle.
  • The hash smoke will enter the hole and fill the bottle from the bottom up.
  • When the hash stream subsides quickly take the cigarette away from the hole and cover it with your thumb.
  • When you’re ready to inhale simply remove the cap and bring it to your lips. Take your thumb away as you inhale from the mouthpiece of the bottle.

I’d rate BTs a 3.5/5

Once you get good at this you can get really nice results. If you can properly isolate the hash stream without introducing too much tobacco smoke, you get a perfect toke with the added benefit of the smoke being a much cooler temperature than if you were toking from a short pipe.

Good for – Afghan/Moroccan and pressed Bubble Hash ( if you buy it micro-planed, you can mould it together with your fingers.)


3. Spliff

Smoking a hash spliff is a really traditional way to enjoy the product. Typically you’d try to break the hash up as fine as possible and/or roll a string of flexible Moroccan Hash along the length of your spliff. This can be laid in the joint of tobacco or finally broken up weed  (dry) and then rolled as normal.

Micro planed bubble hash is a relatively new variety that works great for sprinkling on top of a bed of tobacco/weed then rolled normally.

Although the traditional tobacco hash version of this is my personal favourite way to smoke hash, I’m trying to really limit the amount of tobacco I smoke / if I’m going to smoke hash I wouldn’t generally mix it with bud  (personal preference) so I’d give this a 4.20/5. 

Good For: Afghan, Bubble Hash, Hash Oil


2.Hash Pipe/Bongs

This one is pretty straight forward but sometimes simple is best. From the simple glass pipe to the most intricate bong this is an elegant solution. Its generally best to have a small filter so that finely broken up hash cannot clog the pipe or bong.

What is a Hash Pipe?

The main difference between a Hash Pipe and a regular pipe is that the bowl will generally have small holes to draw the smoke through as opposed to a single hole in regular bowls. You can also just purchase a glass filter at a head shop which accomplishes the same thing.

Hash Pipe/Bongs are Best Way to Smoke Bubble Hash.

Micro-planed bubble hash is really versatile and can be smoked in almost any format: joints, bongs, certain vaporizers etc. Pressed bubble hash is great in pipes or bongs. I give them 4.4/5

Best for Bubble Hash


1) Vaporizers

Vaporizers are a new addition to the world of hash smoking. Certain specialized vaporizers have the ability to burn multiple forms of cannabis, dry flower, hash oil, bubble hash etc. These can be an expensive investment up front, but the convenience and discreet nature of vape pens make them a winner in my books. I enjoy bringing a bit of hash up the mountain on hikes and while snowboarding and the convenience of not having to deal with the wind while lighting up is a huge bonus. You can relax on the chair and casually have a nice session with you pals. I give vaporizers a 4.5/5 


Best for Hash Oil and Micro-Planed Bubble Hash.