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How Long Do Edibles Take to Kick In?

how long does it take for edibles to kick in

How long before these edibles kick in? 

How Long Do Edibles Take to kick in? So you’ve found yourself with some spare time to relax and unwind, kick back and smell the roses. Only today is different, today you’re looking to enhance your experience with some tasty weed edibles. Great choice, as I write this blog today I too have decided to indulge and sample the fruits of my latest experiment ( a delicious home-brewed IPA dosed with 20 mg of THC). Follow along and in this article, I’ll show you the ropes and answer the question: How long before these edibles kick it


How Long before these edibles kick in? In the case of this delicious beverage, its been about 20 minutes since I pounded the beer and already Im beginning to feel the first flutterings of the effects of my dosed IPA. In general, you’re going to be looking at 30 minutes and all the way up to 2 hours before you’ll really start feeling the effects of your chosen edible.

On that note, what the edible is made with plays a role in how long it’ll take to kick in. Cannabis Butters generally take longer but then last longer, whereas oils and concentrates generally kick in and leave you system faster. As you can image, there’s a veritable arms race right now for chemists to delay the fastest acting Cannabis edible so that it’ll take effect along the same timeline as alcohol. We’re still a ways from there but I have no doubt in the next decade that timeline will be a reality.

There are many factors and just like everything else results will vary between people and depend on your mental state ( relaxed, anxious, excited), environment, how much you’ve eaten that day and how rested you are. In this case, I’m at the in-laws over Christmas break ( relaxed, overindulged etc) Today I’ve eaten a Blueberry Pancake, a few Ferraro Rochettes and a couple of cups of coffee. The high ABV of the IPA and its medicinal hops are helping with the relaxation but I’m really starting to notice the body and possibly excited anticipation of the THC. Now here’s where people make a critical mistake while consuming edibles.

If at first you don’t succeed…just keep waiting, seriously.

If you’re a novice in the edibles game its absolutely in your best interest to wait and find out what the edible dose you’ve chosen has in store. This is especially true if its something one of your buddies whipped up in their kitchen. It’s very easy to fudge the calculation or make them based on false data ( like THC concentrations in your cooking weed or shake) and this is what cause s people to end up in the hospital having the worst night of their life. A good friend of mine recently regaled me with the tale from his first trip to Amsterdam. He and his new Fiancé had never partaken in smoking Cannabis let alone trying a potent edible. So they go to one of the famous weed cafes of Amsterdam and proceed to purchase a cookie. I’m not sure if the ” Buddhist ” ( or whatever budtenders are called at a weed cafe) had it out for these innocent tourists ( at least one of them was wearing a fanny pack, of this I’m certain) or possibly there was a miscommunication, but she decided to down the entire cookie to herself and he would act as the tour guide so they could make it back to the hotel. Anyways 3 hours later and only a couple days into this romantic vacation with two of the ” straightest” people I’ve ever known and she is ready to head to the emergency room because she ” thought she was dying”

This part is no joke friends, here is a fine line and when you over-consume cannabis or ” Green Out” as it’s known in the industry, you’ll be going to a miserable hell of you’re own creation and it’ll be about as far from ” Chillaxing” as you could ever imagine.

So, How long before these edibles kick in?

The fastest I’ve ever felt is in the 15 – 20 minute range and the longest is around 2 hours and unlike smoking or vaping, you start to feel the edible subtly, then it will generally keep building to a peak. Who knows what’s up with your body better than you? I know people who barely feel anything at any dose and others that get floored by 10 mg, so its best to start slow, work your way up and find the dose that perfect for you


Top 5 Tips for Beginners

As a newbie here are the main points you must understand before you partake in delicious cannabis edibles.

  1. You can’t overdose from weed edibles, but if you take to0 much for your personal tolerance, you’re in for a bad time.
  2. Cannabis edibles affect everyone differently, so don’t worry if you’re friend starts feeling the effects before you, your time will come, relax bud.
  3. How long do these edibles take to kick in? It depends on a variety of factors and how they were made.
  4.  There are no reported cases of humans dying from a Cannabis overdose. You will eventually come down from the effects and return to your normal state of being.
  5. Just be patient and have an excellent time.


How long do edibles last?

So now that you have a sense of: How long these edibles will take to kick in, you should rightly be wondering: How long do edibles last? 

As I eluded to earlier how and what an edible is made with will affect no only how long it takes to kick in, but also how long the high will last for. The largest factor to consider though is the size of the dose you’ve taken. In general, an edible dose will last from 3 – 5 hours depending on the dose, your tolerance and how its made. 

The longest I’ve ever felt the effects of an edible was around 8 hours, and it was unpleasant at all. It was just at the upper end of what I could comfortably handle without going over the line. I’m sure there was a moment around the 4-hour mark where I was thinking ” I hope this doesn’t become any more intense” and luckily it didn’t, I just had a good old time making music. I recall waking up the next day with a massive ” Weed Hangover” Which is a bit of a misnomer because, in stark contrast to proper alcohol hangover, with weed I just feel really relaxed and comfortable a little hazy and very unmotivated. Obviously not something you want to make a habit of unless of course, you are content with #couchlife


I hope this article fully answered the question of: How long with these edibles take to kick in and how long the ensuing high with last. I’m now at about the 1 hour 45 mixtures mark after finishing my beer and have a pronounced relaxing body high, I typing away on my laptop listening to the UK Jazz playlist on Spotify beside the Christmas tree. Time for another shortbread.


Well if you actually read all the way to the end here we will give you a real treat!  Here is a link to funny stories about parents eating edibles. 


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