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Zig Zag Organic Hemp King Size slim rolling papers


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Zig Zag Organic Hemp King Size rolling papers 32/pack

Zig-Zag Organic Hemp is an unbleached, ultra-thin paper made from 100% renewable, pure hemp fibers sourced from organic farms and crafted in an eco-friendly manner

Made from 100% renewable, pure hemp fibers
Sourced from organic farms
32 Papers per booklet

Zig Zag rolling papers now made with organic hemp are new on the market from one of the most familiar brands on planet earth.  We here at CWW are dedicated to paring our fine organic cannabis with organic hemp rolling papers.  We are big fans of the use of organic hemp to create all sorts of products.   To be honest, we aren’t that big a fans of the original orange pack Zig Zag papers.  These were the papers we grew up on as they were readily available in most gas stations.   The original papers are a little too thick and have a “paper” taste.  This is fine for low quality cannabis, however for the craft cannabis that we are enthusiasts of it just won’t do.  After trying these new papers we were very happy with the results of their product evolution.

Looking for 1 1/4inch size? Click here for zig zag 1.25

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