Local delivery open from 12:30pm - 7:30pm.

We carry a small selection of Cannabis Accessories for you to choose from.  We really only focus on basic items that we feel are premium quality.  For the most part we try to carry Raw organic papers.  As we primarily sell organic marijuana, we figured it was best to pair it with organic hemp papers.  We find them to burn excellent and clean.   They also help retain the flavour of the cannabis.  Smoking a joint with organic hemp paper provides some of the purest form of enjoying fine cannabis.  We carry a few grinder options to bust up your weed as well.  As we stated, we really aren’t an accessories company so our selection is pretty limited.  If you are looking for a wide variety of smoking accessories we would recommend Puff pipes. They have physical locations on Commercial Drive and on Main Street.  If your looking to order cannabis accessories online maybe check out bcsmokeshop.ca

Vaporizers, Bongs, Pipes and other accessories can be quite expensive and we aren’t really in the business of expensive glass or electronic products that can break easy.  We would rather just stick to high quality cannabis.

Thanks for understanding.

Check back in the future as we may start selling lighters and matches again.  We do really just want to focus on simple things.

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