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Super Silver Haze buds

Organic Super Silver Haze AAAA+ 23% THC

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Hands down the best Super Silver haze Canada! So excited for this one!!! It has been quite some time since we got any Super Silver Haze.  This is our go-to summertime sativa.  Nothing is better if you need some weed that will get you up and motivated.  This Strain was originally bred by Green House Seeds back in the ’90s and won the High Times Cannabis Cup 3 years in a row.  It is a cross of 3 classic strains: Skunk, Northern Lights and Haze.   She is a very uplifting strain, super energetic and perfect for those trying to avoid couch-lock.  This is the Super Silver Haze Canada has been looking for!

 Best Super Silver Haze Canada!


  • happy
  • uplifted
  • energetic
  • euphoric


  • citrus
  • sweet
  • perfect Buds
  • incredible crystal content

Medicinal Uses

  • stress
  • depression
  • inflammation
  • muscle spasms

Here is a cool article from Westword.com about outdoor enthusiasts love of Super Silver Haze Canada

Is Super Silver haze indica or sativa?

Super Silver haze is an 80% sativa strain that is very pleasant and energetic.  This is one of the finest sativa strains you can find in Canada.  Even better, this is no spray cannabis organically grown in living soil!  We believe in only providing the finest cannabis provisions Vancouver, BC has to offer!

Is Super Silver haze easy to grow?

Super silver haze is actually rated as medium to difficult to grow.  This is another reason it is part of our exotic collection and priced accordingly.  She also isn’t the biggest yielder, so there is a sacrifice her for quality over quantity.

Can you grow Super Silver Haze outside in Canada.

Super silver haze is a sativa strain that is more acclimated for growing near the equator.  There are very few strains that naturally grow outside here is Canada.  Most of the finest BC bud has come from indoor growers.  This was done during prohibition to hide the fact that people were growing in the first place.  Indoor grows give an ability to completely control an environment to make conditions suitable to any kind of strain whatsoever.   This is why a strain like Super Silver Haze Canada can be grown right here in BC.

Grown by Sky High botanicals

Home of true AAAA quality strains grown in living soil.  These fine people have been growing craft cannabis out of Squamish BC for 5+ years no.  Their expertise is second to none.  Their strains are all award winners and come out very consistent.  Also check out their amazing Platinum Bubba Kush.


GRAM (1g) – $10, 1/8 OUNCE (3.5g) – $35, 1/4 OUNCE (7g) – $70, 1/2 OUNCE (14g) – $130, OUNCE (28g) – $230

  1. bryden.b (verified owner)

    If you are unsure but are a Sativa lover; just buy it. This is now one of my top 3 strains. It got me up and moving and just loving life all at the same time as being high as a kite but it didn’t turn into couch lock and didn’t have any burnout. Such a great experience.

    Hands down one of my top choices now. Gorgeous appearance; dense nugs covered in trichomes with one of my new favorite smells that you have to smell for yourself (Kind of a sweet citrus/berry smell but definitely unique)!

    The fact that it is also organic is a great bonus.

    • admin

      thanks Bryden. Great review!

  2. stefkolo (verified owner)

    This is the best Sativa strain I ever smoked!
    Looks good, taste good, smokes good and makes you very high. But not Couch high 😉 -this is better! Highly recommended

  3. meowky (verified owner)

    Highly recommended!
    Must order when in stock.
    Amazing flavour, lasts quite some time while giving a very clear and focused state.

  4. _solo1_

    As good as it gets. Expertly trimmed buds, glistening with fluffy sugary goodness. Tasty vapour. Potent, long-lasting effects.

  5. epfourd

    I usually prefer indica…but this is an amazing sativa that is fantastic for day time and/or public interactions. Strong, but not debilitating.

  6. Ptec (verified owner)

    This is a great daytime buzz when you got stuff to do not a big burn out. Be warned, it does make you thirsty.

  7. braedenpproductions (verified owner)

    Terrific classic sativa. Totally a must buy

  8. Krikky (verified owner)

    One of my favourite sativa strains. Lotsa energy, no anxiety. Sraight sativas don’t always sit well with me but this one is always a winner.

  9. bcgreen (verified owner)

    beautiful clean and potent sativa..one of my favourite strains..even better that its organic!

  10. IggyPot (verified owner)

    The best strain for band practice! Keeps me focused and creative! Tastes good too! Get it if its in stock!

  11. Caroline Schmidt (verified owner)

    Really great for pain relief!

  12. TsunamiTanker (verified owner)

    Some of the best weed I’ve smoked, Earthy..

    You guys went to another level w this one

  13. kush11 (verified owner)

    Super duper quality sativa!

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