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New Prohibition Strawberry Fields 1:1 Sativa Gummies


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New 1:1 sativa gummies!

New Prohibition Strawberry Fields 1:1 sativa Gummies.

New Prohibition Strawberry Fields 1:1 sativa gummies are a delicious way to get an energizing boost of full spectrum cannabis.  These gummies come in (4) 20mg blocks for a total of 80mg per package.  Each package contains a measured dose of 40mg THC and 40mg CBD.   This gives a conveniently precise way to measure for accurate dosing.

Full Spectrum cannabis extract

New Prohibition uses tincture made from bubble hash to make it’s tasty treats.  This means their edibles are produced with solvent free extracts.  This method ensures that the cannabis edible you are consuming has the full spectrum of cannabinoids available.  Anyone who knows about the benefits of the entourage effect knows that full spectrum is the way to go in terms of medicinal cannabis formulations.

Pure extracts, not butane derived.

New Prohibition is here to deliver you the highest quality 1:1 edibles on the market.  They have never made any of their edibles using butane extractions like many companies do.  These THC gummies are the perfect way to ingest a reliable dose in a delicious gummy. While many companies offer butane and other less desirable extractions we believe in collaborating with companies we deeply respect to give you the experience you deserve.

Unlike other THC products, THC gummies offer you the benefit of prolonged effects. When you ingest THC in edible form, your liver absorbs the compound, which results in an extended-release of THC throughout your body over a lengthened period of time. Conversely using a product like THC Oil administered sublingually will have a quicker onset and last for a shorter duration.

New Prohibition Orange Sativa THC Jelly Blocks come in 80 mg packs, divided into 4 gummy blocks. Each block is 20 mg and first-time users are advised to take 1/2 a block ( 10 mg) and wait a couple of hours before trying more.

This Sativa version is going to be perfect for those looking for an uplifting, creative and energizing effect.  They are great for many various activities and also have positive mood enhancing properties to them.

New Prohibition Strawberry Fields 1:1 Sativa Gummies

  • 80mg  1:1 Sativa Gummies (40mg THC : 40mg CBD)
  • 4 gummies (20mg each)
  • High quality gourmet flavoured syrup

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  1. davidpakman (verified owner)

    These taste so good! It feels like a really good blend of CBD and THC. Not too strong, but also strong enough. I love this brand. Quality product all around! Have yet to be disappointed.

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