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Organic “The Sauce” CBD Rosin (1g)


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13% CBD + 0.2% THC

Organic “The Sauce” CBD Rosin by New Prohibition craft concentrates. New Prohibition is the maker of the finest small batch rosin in BC. This rosin is made from a low temperature heat extraction.  This is truly a solvent free cannabis extraction and make it the cleanest concentrate on the market.  The low temperature press ensures that the most amount of terpenes are preserved during extraction.  You will taste the difference with the full bodied flavour. It is very much an amplified profile of the strains you know and love.  Perfect for dabbing and a great alternative to products such as shatter that use chemical solvents.

The effects of “The Sauce” Rosin:

“The Sauce” is a potent high-CBD hemp strain with a very unique cannabinoid profile and smell. She works amazingly well as a sleep aid and/or for treating chronic pain. She is also highly sought after for her prodigious resin content, making her ideal for extractions such as this.

This is very rare to find in Canada.  Hemp flower strains are quite prevalent in the USA as they were fully legalized with the passage of the farm bill in 2018.  This classifies any cannabis that contains less than 0.3% THC as a hemp product and therefore 100% legal.  The growing conditions in states like Oregon are ideal for beautiful crops of organic hemp flower.  Due to our backwards overly regulated market in Canada, high cbd hemp flower is almost impossible to find here.  It’s really a shame for medicinal users that are looking for the overwhelming benefits of CBD without the potent intoxicating effect of high THC strains.

“The Sauce” is the perfect strain to consume if you have muscle pain, anxiety or are suffering from stress.  We love this strain after a long day of work.

Find out here why the Rosin revolution is real!  Check out what High Times has to say about it.

Rosin is a healthier alternative for people that like to dab.  New to dabbing? Here is a quick video explaining the basics.

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Read more about the Organic Special Sauce Strain on wiki leaf

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