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Organic Rockstar Weed Rosin .5 gram


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Organic Rockstar Weed Rosin is the highest quality cannabis extract you can order online in Canada.  We are lucky enough to have teamed up with some expert Rosin makers with more than a decade of experience perfecting their craft.  We start with providing the extractors with the best quality AAAA organic flowers.   Our premium Rosin is a full spectrum extraction, retaining all terpenes and cannabinoids.  This allows for the full flavour profile of the original strain as well as the intended effects.

We have always exclusively carried solvent free extracts at Canada Wide Weed.  We are been preaching against butane extracts since we started our business in 2015.  Wax, Budder, Crumble and Shatter are all extracts that all are primarily made using butane.  Health Canada agreed with us when legalization occurred and made butane extracts illegal in Canada.

Organic Rockstar Weed Rosin is an excellent choice for people that enjoy dabbing.

  • Solvent Free Extraction
  • Very potent, extremely high THC
  • Organically grown flower
  • Best pricing online

Wanna see what the flower is like? We just so happen to sell the exact flower that made this wonderful concentrate.  We like doing things in house here at CWW. It is great to have friends that have a great Rosin Press to work with.  We are always excited to see how each strain comes back! Here is a link to where you can buy our Organic Rockstar flower

Find out here why the Rosin revolution is real!  Check out what High Times has to say about it.

We can deliver Rosin straight to your door in about an hour.   We deliver cannabis products same day to North Vancouver, Lynn Valley, West Vancouver, Downtown Vancouver, East Vancouver and North Burnanby.

We also can mail our Rosin anywhere in Canada! We use Xpresspost 2-3 business day shipping from Canada Post.  Order Monday and get it the same week!

  1. b.sanderson (verified owner)

    This was my first venture into ‘rosin’… I guess you could say ‘a fan is born’! Incredible stuff. I am super baked, which I was expecting…but it also tastes incredible, which I was not expecting.

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