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Organic Cherry Vanilla Cookies (AAAA Small Buds)

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Cherry Vanilla Cookies is a well-balanced hybrid that packs a serious flavor punch. A cross between Ms Universe and the resinous Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, it offers consumers intense, heady effects to enhance its complex fruity aroma. Considered an easy strain to grow, Cherry Vanilla Cookies has a THC content measured at between 18% and 25%.

Cherry Vanilla Cookies sets itself apart right away with medium to large buds that have chunky, generally spherical shapes. The internal structure of these flowers seems to lean more indica, with a solid center comprised of small, tightly-coiled leaves. The leaves themselves are an eye-catching mix of mossy green and deep purple, with the latter hues appearance thanks to a high concentration of the pigment anthocyanin. Finally, bright orange pistils wind their way through these buds while parent strain Platinum GSC passes on a dense, sticky coating of silvery trichomes.

When properly cured, Cherry Vanilla Cookies has a mostly fruity scent, marked by tart, berry-like notes. A closer whiff may also detect some sour, nose-wrinkling odors. When broken apart or ground up. Cherry Vanilla Cookies can reveal some of the toasted, nutty aromas that makes Girl Scout Cookies so popular. Burning these flowers in a pipe or a joint gives off a smooth, light smoke that’s easily ingested. On the exhale, this smoke tastes fruity and leaves behind a creamy mouthfeel. Notably, the strain’s purple coloring doesn’t translate into a grape flavor; this is because its flavor and color are determined by separate compounds called terpenes and pigments, respectively.


  • Ms Universe  X Platinum Girl Scout
  • Grown organically in living soil in Squamish BC.
  • Exotic smelling tropical strain
  • Very smooth burning, completely white ash


  • Relaxing
  • Mood Elevating
  • Long lasting

Medicinal Uses: 

  • Pain
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia

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GRAM (1g) – $10, 1/8 OUNCE (3.5g) – $30, 1/4 OUNCE (7g) – $60, 1/2 OUNCE (14g) – $110, OUNCE (28g) – $180

  1. braedenpproductions (verified owner)

    A pretty good “working weed” it will make you a little sleepy if you are really smoking joint after joint of it.

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