Blue Dream Organic
Cannabis Sativa

Organic Blue Dream Strain (AAAA)

(9 customer reviews)

Blue dream is an organic sativa dominant hybrid that is in the top 5 most popular strains in both California and Colorado dispensaries.  It is truely a west coast classic.  It is know for it’s pleasant aroma, nice bud structure and light green appearance.  Blue Dream is quite dreamy… it provides full body relaxation with gentle cerebral stimulation.  It is a very euphoric strain with a low burnout, very much why it is so popular amoung cannaseurs.


This Organic Blue Dream was grown in living soil on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.  It is our best selling sativa and is some of the finest BC Bud you can find.

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9 reviews for Organic Blue Dream Strain (AAAA)

  1. freebird420

    This Blue Dream is AMAZING! Probably one of the best strains I’ve tried! Sweet, euphoric, and smooth! It’s so nice to try a strain that’s so common, but have it grown right. The ash burnt white, and I could really taste the blueberry flavour! I’ll definitely be getting this again! Thank you!

  2. RogKlarvin

    I like that it gives the right combo of energy and relaxation – high, but functional. Definitely good for my anxiety, which some sativa strains can trigger.

  3. hobbit17

    I have been ordering regularly from this place. I like the Chemo Kush for a knockout punch, and this Blue Dream is my favorite Sativa for when I have to function in public and/or deal with other human beings. After several orders, I can say that the service has been spot on every time. I used the chat function on this site the first time and found the person on the other end to be very helpful in choosing strains for the different situations. I am stoked on this place – definitely recommend!!!

  4. _solo1_ (verified owner)

    A real treat. Dense resinous buds with an excellent cure. Wonderfully light, sweet, with notes of pine, citrus, and sandalwood. Has that signature aroma of Haze-based strains.

    This version of Blue Dream is more on the relaxed, euphoric side of the Sativa spectrum. It’s not going to glue you to the couch like an Indica, and it’s not as energizing as say, Super Sour Diesel, which will you have you thinking you’ve got time to repaint the kitchen. But this Blue Dream hits a happy medium: long-lasting and best suited for activities like gaming, a stroll outside, or active meditation. Would order again!

  5. maddie.phillips94

    So fricken delicious. Love this strain so damn much, makes me so happy but not hyper/manic at all. Love love love

  6. gofolkyourself

    Classic Sativa Strain done really well. Very nice taste and feel. Great head high. Keeps me alert while still really high.

  7. mixmaster

    well, I’m a 25 year veteran of preferring Indica almost exclusively… this sativa is fucking fantastic. Like an indica high, but less burnout. Exactly as advertised. Happily surprised.

  8. Eric Lachance (verified owner)

    A masterpiece, by far my favorite sativa !
    Perfect for wake and bake, you won’t find anywhere a better version of it and trust me I tried a lot of them.

    Should have found this site earlier.

    Incredible products, nice support and fast delivery !

  9. stefkolo (verified owner)

    Amazing! I love it. It’s a good Sativa Strain. Smoke and taste are so smooth. I’m very high and I highly recommended it!

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