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Mix and Match Sun Grown Organic QP (20% off)

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Organic Blue Dream 25% THC - $99 ounce

OUNCE (28g) - $99


Organic Wedding Cake - $79 ounce

Ounce (28g) - $79


Organic Sensi Star (smalls) - $69 ounce

Ounce (28g) - $79


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Sun Grown Mix and Match Organic Quarter Pound.

Taste the Sunshine!

Since 2016, we have been known for our selection of living soil organic cannabis.  It is a passion of our here at CWW and we are always looking for growers that are dedicated to the practice.  The terpenes in these strains really cut through when using soil and all natural nutrients.  The herb burns clean and the smoke is smooth.

  • Mix and Match 4 different ounces and save 20%

Living soil organic sun grown selections:

  • 100% sun grown
  • All organic nutrients
  • All products are OMRI listed.  Our cannabis is 100% organic from seed to sale.
  • No spray cannabis
  • True living soil
  • Grown in BC


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