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Chemo Kush (organic)

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Chemo Kush is an absolute gem of a strain we carry here at CWW.  This strain was specifically designed to combat the pain and suffering associated with chemotherapy.  Because of this, she is an amazing variety for treating nausea. Also we have found that many of our sickest patients have reported relief from appetite loss.  It is truly a wonderful strain for pain.    We love the nugs on this beauty.  They are nice and tight, very dense.   Some of the best Indica you can find in BC.

The herb grows spade-shaped buds covered in a forest of orange hairs.



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4 reviews for Chemo Kush (organic)

  1. Nathan93

    “Loved it! EXACTLY what you want in an indica. I use cannabis medically for depression and ironically indicas do not weigh me down. I find I am still able to keep up with all my daily activities.

  2. thelocal

    this stuff is killer for hangovers…completely kills the nausea

  3. wesleymantooth17

    A good weed to smoke burns nice and slow. Gives of lots of resin which is good has a high thc content just rips you don’t over smoke or you Will find yourself at the fridge or sleeping this stuff creeps on you for hours. Great weed for all day use if you are a chronic. lightweights better wait till bedtime

  4. maddie.phillips94

    Totally in love with this strain!! So good if you’re feeling under the weather 🙂

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