Cannatek Catch 22 – 73% CBD / 5% THC

C02 extract vape pen cartridge by Cannatek, Catch 22 is a high CBD extract formulated at 73% CBD and 5% THC.  This strain gets its name from being an incredible 22:1 CBD / THC ratio.  We have honestly never seen a strain formulated like this.  Using this medication gives you a feeling of overall well being, pain relief and calms the nervous system.   You barely, barely feel the slightest head high.  Heavy THC users will likely feel no “high” at all from the Catch 22.  This is simply the best medicinal vape cartridge on the market right now.  We at CWW are lucky to get our hands on it.  Each Cannatek cartridge contains 500mg of C02 cannabis oil.  Cannatek only uses 100% C02 cannabis oil with no additives.  Each batch is lab tested by Health Canada certified facilities so you can be assured that the percentages are accurate.

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