Gelato Rosin, rosin vs bho, rosin vs shatter,

Gelato Rosin

Just say no to BHO!  Choose Gelato Rosin!

We are excited about this Gelato Rosin, as it is one of our favourite flower strains we carry.  It is a slightly indica leaning hybrid that is very high in THC.

Perfect for dabbing.  Solvent free.  We do not carry any products made with butane.  Very smooth flavour, all terpenes are preserved in extraction process.  Canada Wide Weed is your best MOM (mail order marijuana) for rosin!

Rosin has a number of benefits:

  • Solvent free (no butane)
  • clean burning
  • tastes like the flower, terpenes stay in tact
  • full spectrum

Looking for more info on why Rosin is better than BHO Shatter? Look no further

As you can see 80% of participants in rolling choose Rosin over Shatter.


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