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Aloha Infused Ice Tea – 70mg THC (Local Delivery Only!)


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Introducing Aloha Ice Tea THC drink. We are really glad one of our friends recommended this brand!  We have been looking for quality cannabis drinks for quite some time.  These guys are right here in Vancouver and make some high quality iced tea.  They dropped this batch off brewed fresh and bottled just hours before we got it.  These drinks taste amazing and give you a nice buzz!

Aloha Ice Tea THC drink is a great refreshing way to get your dose of high quality THC.  These drink are made with THC distillate that has been infused with the sugar in the drink.  It’s a good idea to shake these drinks before using them as some of the sugar will tend to settle on the bottom.  Here is some of the attributes of this tea.

  • Locally made in Vancouver
  • 70mg THC per drink
  • Distillate infused sugar
  • Tastes great!

Are you bummed that the medicinal dispensaries in Vancouver and the North Shore have all shut down? Don’t worry! Canada Wide Weed is here for you!  We are offering same day delivery in Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, and Burnaby.  We usually can make it out to see you in about an hour or two.

As per usual, you can also get Aloha Infused Ice Tea shipped anywhere in Canada, within 2-3 via Xpresspost.  Free shipping over $99!

Here is a great article about the benefits of using THC drinks.



35mg – $7.00, 70mg – $14.00

  1. stefko (verified owner)

    Mhmm so delicious! Love it <3

  2. Chantelle Hunter (verified owner)

    Love, love, love, love. This is my favorite product this company offers. It tastes awesome and refreshing and you definitely feel relaxed after drinking. I don’t like drinking alcohol a lot and this makes me feel like I had a couple drinks but without the bloat and or after effects of drinking alcohol. All warm and fuzzy feelings haha.

  3. TsunamiTanker (verified owner)

    Had the best dreams, great product

  4. 3stacks (verified owner)

    I agree with everyone else here, the Aloha drinks are great. Glad these guys carry them.

  5. Trish Rivers (verified owner)

    Refreshing Ice Tea, tastes great actually with a bit of a kick.

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