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Funny Names for Weed Over the Decades

Funny Names for Weed Over the Decades

What are you smoking these days?  Some weed, ganja, bud or herb? Or maybe you’re more into that sticky icky or some of that wacky tobaccy. Call it what you want but there’s nothing better than kicking back at the end of the day and puffing on some sweet jazz cabbage. Call it a sign of endearment, but no other plant out there has earned so many different names and that list keeps on growing higher than toking on some funky fern. We all like our chronic as much as we like to have a good laugh, so what are the top funny names for weed you ask? Well, that depends on what era you’re from.

1930s Funny Names for Weed

If you were born in the 1930’s you might ease your farmers back at the end of a hard day by flopping down in your rocking chair and puffing away on some sweet devil’s lettuce. Mmm mmm, nothing sounds so forbidden and delicious quite like devil’s lettuce. The name devil’s lettuce came from anti-weed campaigns initiated by the government to dissuade people from smoking cannabis. How devilish of them!

1940s Funny Names for Weed

It’s the end of the day and you’re prepping up a tasty spamghetti carbonara for you and the kids. It’s a time of war and stress levels are high. About as high as you’re going to be once you glide across your linoleum floor, flop down on your floral fabric couch and dive into your giggle smokes! Not feeling the giggle smokes? Treat yourself to some joy smokes or goof butts.

1950s Funny Names for Weed

Moving on to swing dresses and crisp white t-shirts, your Chevy Bel Air is parked out front and Elvis Presley is “All Shook Up” on the A.M. radio. Sounds like he could really use a puff of pod.  That’s right I said pod, not pot. The term “pod” was used between the 1950s – 1970s in lieu of the word pot. Pot is derived from the Mexican Spanish word potiguaya, meaning marijuana leaves. Not that just makes sense!

1960s Funny Names for Weed

Far out, we’ve travelled back in time to the 1960s. Jobs are plenty and you’ve bought yourself a brand new colour television set. It’s time to kick off your loafers and watch the premiere of a new show called The Flintstones. Speaking of stoned… you can’t watch those wacky prehistoric characters without smokin’ a little bit of grass first! Back in the ‘60s, there wasn’t the wide selection of high-quality herb we know today. A bag of marijuana was very green and looked a lot like… well… a bag of grass clippings. I guess if you smoked all your grass you could say you’ve mowed the lawn!

1970s Funny Names for Weed

Slip-on your bellbottoms and fluff out that sweet afro, it’s Saturday night and you’ve got the disco fever. The only way to get this funky night rolling is to slip on your platform shoes and spark up some of that primo skunk. That’s right my Pepe Le Pew friends, if you were kickin’ it in the 1970s you’d be calling marijuana skunk due to its pungent “skunky” odour. Do you dig it?

1980s Funny Names for Weed

Back to the future, we’re in the 1980s. Leather jacket popped collar and Take On Me busting out of the speakers of your wood-panelled station wagon. You’re racing home to shut out the world and lose yourself in a high stakes game of Pong on your new Atari game system. The only way to handle that kind of pressure is to light up some of that dank weed. Awww yeah… there it is. Weed is still the go-to slang name for marijuana to this day, and although it had been used by earlier generations, it really picked up popularity in the ‘80s.

1990s Funny Names for Weed

Boo-ya! You’re in the 90s, board-sliding the school parking lot curbsides while blasting Smells Like Teen Spirit on your Shockwave Discman. Ripped baggy jeans and t-shirt over your hoodie, the only way to ease that teenage angst is to roll up a fatty and get blazed. Derived from the term blaze which means a bright flame or fire, getting blazed became a common phrase for smoking marijuana throughout the 1990s.

2000s Funny Names for Weed

What a trip, but we made it to the turn of the century. It’s the 00s and every radio station you flip to is playing either Yellow by Coldplay, or Beautiful Day by U2.  So much so that the only way your day will be beautiful is if you turn that s*%# off and bust out some high grade hydro. I’m not talking about H20, or electricity, the term hydro is short for hydroponics. Marijuana has come a long way at this point. Different strands are more readily available and growers are creating their own hybrids. Controlled growing conditions have made hydroponic weed all the hype.

The Roll-Up

So there you have it. A little history, some time travel and a few new-to-you names for your favourite plant. There are more names for weed out there than fibres in your rolling papers and you know what? That’s A-OK with me. Some are derived from the way it looks, others the way it smells and some, well… perhaps it was just the first word that popped into that person’s head when they took that first toke. Whatever the reason, labelling marijuana with our own creative twist is a commonality we share with so many generations past. The best part? Now it’s your turn to leave your stamp on the history books and add to the 1000s of names for marijuana that already exist out there. So get creative, don’t hold back, define your generation with your own spin on naming this miraculous plant. Tweet it, meme it, tag it, post it, but whatever you decide to call it, smoke one for me.